Thursday, April 17, 2008


John-Michael, a very nice gentleman from Tampa, tagged me to do a meme. He did his in five words. That is, each answer (as well as each category) was exactly five words in length. I don't think he expects me to do mine in five words. If he does, he's going to be sorely disappointed. Pleonasm is my middle name.

(I'm pissed about that, too. My parents could have chosen something that didn't have to be looked up in a dictionary, but their names were Thomas Obfuscation Sullivan and Constance Syllabary Drown, so I shouldn't have expected anything normal.)

(Not really. Their middle names were Charles and Marie, while mine is Shawn. Doesn't explain why I use more words than necessary, though. Maybe I'm just an asswipe. I mean, none of this really has to be in parentheses, either, but here it is.)

Be that as it may - and if it isn't, I wasted that money I spent on the ointment - here's the meme.


1 - Driving the same car I am now.
2 - Living in the same apartment I am now.
3 - Holding the same job I am now.
4 - Still waiting for the Red Sox to win a World Series.
5 - Not blogging.

Obviously, some things haven't changed. Meanwhile, some things have changed for the better. Other things have taken the world on a careening course towards Armageddon. If you come from New York - or you have a copy of Strunk & White - your take on which is which may be different from mine.


1 - Saltines with Peanut Butter.
2 - Saltines with Cheddar Cheese.
3 - Saltines with Cream Cheese & Chives.
4 - Saltines with Sardines.
5 - Saltines.


1 - Give a million dollars to 990 of my closest friends. I figure 10 million should be enough to last me, so why be greedy?
2 - Build my own recording studio.
3 - Buy a whole bunch of superb musical instruments.
4 - Cut a record on which I play everything.
5 - Force my 990 closest friends to listen to it before they get the dough.


1 - Paperboy
2 - Blackjack Dealer
3 - Musician
4 - Barker On A Walking Charlie
5 - Garage Cleaner


1 - Dorchester
2 - Watertown

That's it. I lived in the same house in Dorchester for 37 years. I've lived in Watertown for 14 years now, albeit at two different locations. I've been blessed with stability in my living quarters.


Some folks don't care for this sort of thing. I can understand that. It's sort of like being handed an obligation you didn't expect, and if you don't complete it, the person who tagged you might think you don't love him or her. So, if you don't want to do it, it's OK by me. I'll shed no tears.

However, here are the people I'd like to see do this.

Stoney Charms
Stu, who the last time I tagged him, said he couldn't do it, but the next time I tagged him, he would, so here it is, buddy.


1 - The check's in the mail.
2 - My dog ate my homework.
3 - It was that way when I got here.
4 - Drinking? Of course not, officer.
5 - Soon, with more better stuff.


lime said...

i think i could manage a certain lime twist on this particular meme. probably on monday or so, ok?

fun and surprisingly brief read ...;)

Lisa Johnson said...

Very interesting meme. I'll try to do it, but no promises! ; )

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

I'll be listening for you around Coolidge Corner- Mass Eye and Ear gave us bright red singlets, so we'll be easy to spot.

Jeni said...

I really do enjoy your posts very much. Long or short -makes no never mind as I usually come away enlightened and entertained. Saltines, huh? Not a bad choice in my book and mentioning them with cream cheese and chives just made me long for that little treat but I suppose I'll have to make do with peanut butter today.

Rooster said...


That's why I come to your blog - I'm trying to get on the list of 990 friends, just in case. Hell, I play megamillions, the odds can't be much worse for you to come across a billion dollars, call me up, make me listen to your latest record, and hand me $10 million, would it?

FHB said...

Excellent. well done. Hilarious.

John-Michael said...

I enjoy the bloody living hell out of You, my Darling Jim SulDog (Shawn) Sullivan! You just threw a rope of a pleasant moment to an admiring Soul sliding into a well of weary gloom. Thanks for the rescue!!

I love you SulDog

Cath said...

That's a really good one Jim. I take it you like variety in your food?

I tagged JM with this - he changed it slightly to the 5 thingy and how you've done it is cool. Like you, I am wordy. Actually, talking of middle names, my middle name is "Verbosity". I'll share it with you if you like. You can also take a "Verbose Storytellers Club" piccy off my blog if you like. It just warns folk that don't know you.

Anyway, I like that you write loads. Makes my comments look short.

Btw, how's your mom after yesterday's post? lol

Buck said...

Didn't you leave out one of the greatest lil lies, Jim?

Picky... I know. Great stuff, as ever.

Chris Stone said...

you exceeded the capacity of my american heritage dictionary! (meme and pleonasm)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....K! i'll give it a whirl. though it may take me a day or two...

thanks for the thought!

dmarks said...

Just found the blog. Your profile had "The Rape of the A*P*E?". What a title. I remember seeing that in a bookstore ages ago.

Rooster has a good point.... now blog readers will attempt to join the 990.

Too bad we can't tag the Presidential candidates. It'd be great to see their responses. Especially on the lie section.