Friday, January 15, 2021



Not that it matters much at this point, what with the obvious dwindling of new postings and the concurrent lack of folks showing up here with hopes of finding some, but this is my official announcement concerning the cessation of this blog.

I suppose if someday I have anything totally gnawing at my brain and I can't get anything else done without spouting off about it, I'll be back to bore the three or four people who may still be checking this site. Otherwise, we have reached the finish.

Thank you to all who came here. You made my day on far more than one occasion.

To anyone I've offended, here or elsewhere, it was not my intention to do so (unless I stated up front that it was my intention to do so.)

Here's a photo of me dressed as a piece of candy corn.

I wish you God's blessings (which He will no doubt bestow upon you without having paid any attention to me concerning them.)

Not Soon, And There Will Be No More Better Stuff.