Friday, March 01, 2019

Final Pre-Operation Blog

Surgery is now firmly scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th.

My birthday is Saturday, March 2nd, and it's one of those odd birthdays in that I was actually born on a Saturday, sometime around 9:30 in the morning as I recall reading someplace.

In any case, it was nice of the surgeons to let me actually turn 62 before cutting me open. My Father was 62 when he died and even though my general habits of health haven't been tremendously better than his, I do believe my having played sports for about 20 years longer and carrying about 20 pounds less around my middle should have been worth something in longevity. We'll see.

Barring anything of an amazing nature, this will be the last blog post before the operation and quite possibly the last one after it for quite some time. If you want any updates, try Facebook.

I expect MY WIFE will post as needed.

Love you all. Thanks for the prayers.



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, my friend.
Rest assured that you are completely covered in prayers before, during, and after your heart surgery. Sending hugs and love from South Georgia to you, your Wife, and your Mom.

silly rabbit said...

Happy birthday! I will wait patiently for your return. You take your time to recover. I’ll keep up the prayers. Peace be with you.

Pete said...

All good stuff coming your way. You are loved back by all I suspect but in any case certainly by me. Enjoy your birthday, hang in there for surgery, feel better when it is complete and I will look forward to your next post. Donna read what i wrote for Jim because it is duplicated for you as well. Thinking of you guys! Pete

Craig said...

Happy Birthday, Jim! You gotta get at least two more years, so you can find out if YOUR WIFE will still need you or feed you when you're 64. . .

Praying for you.

Craig said...
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Hilary said...

Happy first of many more birthdays to come, Jim. I'll be watching on Facebook and keeping you and YOURS in my heart. <3

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Jim !! Make it a good one for you and your Ladies. Lot of prayers, good Karma, and crossed fingers headed your way. Linda in Tn

Jackie said...

It’s March 5.
I’m praying for you, my friend.

Jackie said...

4:40 PM EST (March 5)
Your DEAR WIFE posted on FB that you are out of surgery and that all went well.
We are very thankful!!
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Craig said...

Thanks to Jackie for the update.

Here's hoping you're well on the mend. . .

Craig said...
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Jackie said...

March 6
Latest update:

(Info from Mrs. Suldog who is keeping us updated until Sully is up and writing again....)

...”The surgery went well, always the overachiever, it was a quadruple instead of a double. (Guess Mt. Auburn was having BOGO ! ) He is still in a lot of pain and waiting for the magic elixir. He so appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.”.....

Just wanted to keep our blogging friends abreast of the latest.
Thank you to Mrs. Suldog for keeping us informed.
Continued prayers for Jim and his family.
Hugs and love,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for the updates on our friend. I don't have Facebook so they mean so much !!! Linda in Tn.

Craig said...

Thanks, Jackie. And thanks to Mrs. S. . .

Shammickite said...

ooops you've already had the surgery, and I didn't know, but I was sending you constant good vibes anyway. I'm so happy everything went well. Hugs to YOUR WIFE too, she's in charge now, make sure you do everything she tells you. me in Canada

Jackie said...

Monday March 3, 2019
Sending another smile and hug to my blogging friend.
I'm thankful that you are healing.
Feel the hugs and know that prayers continue.

Jackie said...

Tuesday Mar. 12
I came back here to your blog to let you know that I continue to pray for your speedy and complete recovery. I’m so glad that each day is better.
(Comment moderation is on for your blog now. so I’m not sure if this gets posted, but I send it anyhoo!! 😊)
Hugs from Jackie

Jackie said...

Wednesday March 13
Hi my friend!
It’s been a week and a day since your surgery, and I continue to pray that each day is better than the day before. Continue to do what the doctors tell you, and know that prayers are being lifted every single day for you and for your DEAR WIFE and your sweet Mom.
Sending another hug from South Georgia.

Spooky said...

I hope all is well Mr Sullivan. It sucks getting old

Shammickite said...

Waiting for an update now.

Ami said...

Glad to see updates here since I can't see them on Facebook. Keep getting better, Suldong!!!