Saturday, April 06, 2019

I'm Alive

Where it happened... Good folks.

The operation, so I am told, was a success. I was going to have a double coronary bypass but they liked the looks of things so much whne they got in there, they decided to make it a quadruple.


Worst thing I've ever been through, so far. If there's worse coming, I'd rather just check out.

Anyway, I'm getting better - S-L-O-W-L-Y - and maybe I'll feel normal (or better?) by May.

I could talk about all the horrible things - truly nightmarish things - that went down in hospital, but I won't for now. It was all for my good; I know that. Just wanted everyone to know I m still alive and expecting to get better. I won't be writing much - no desire at the moment.

Love all of your cards and letters and e-mails and little gifts and pleasant jokes and flowers. Hate the typos I have to go back and correct in every sentence, so I'm done for now.

Love you. God bless.



Kerry said...

Hang in there. You will be better in increments. Gonna be the best Christmas ever.

Anonymous said...

This is “Anonymous” aka “Jackie.”
I’m not sure why I can’t comment as “me” from my iPhone, but it is what it is.
We are sooooo glad you are doing better each day.
I look forward to all the nitty gritty details of your surgery ...’cause I’m weird that way!
I also know that when you do that, you are truly back in the saddle again....and I look forward to that for you.
I know your Dear Wife has been a saint through all of this.
Kudos to her. Truly.
We love you both.
Sending GREAT BIG hugs from South Georgia to you.
Hugs a bunch!

Hilary said...

I'm sorry that it has taken so much out of you but I'm so glad to see that you are beginning to come around. <3

OldAFSarge said...

Hung tough Suldog. We're here for you.

silly rabbit said...

It’s a drag that it takes so long. But you are doing it and that’s what matters.

Ami said...

So happy to see your post today!!
Keep taking care of you.