Monday, February 25, 2019

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Had a visit with my cardiologist today. All is pretty much the same.

I left some of you with an incorrect impression last time. I thought today - the 25th - was my time for surgery. It was not. I am still not operated upon. My apologies for misleading you.

The surgery should come sometime in March. I still don't know the date. My guess would be around the 12th but it could be earlier and it could be later. My cardiologist, the very nice Dr. Maggs, would do the surgery now if he had more confidence in my not stroking out while under the knife. Therefore, I will continue with my Holter monitor, get the results from that sometime in early to mid-March, meanwhile taking a much higher dosage of high blood pressure meds than I was started on (since my HBP is still H).

I have also been given a slightly higher scrip for anxiety, thank you.

That's about it. As soon as I find out the date for sure, I'll tell you.



Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your cautious and patient cardiologist. He has your health and best interest at heart.
You can rest assured that I am continually praying for you and for your dear wife and your sweet Mom.
Take care of you, my friend.
Sending love to you as well as many hugs from our home here in South Georgia.
Jackie (Teacher’s Pet)

silly rabbit said...

I was hoping it was over, but your docs caution is good. We will keep you three in our prayers. In the meantime, watch those Three Stooges. Laughter being the best medicine and all.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I know from experience that cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are not cavalier about performing their specialty. They make every possible effort to line up all of the ducks. It’s too bad that their cautiousness doesn’t alleave the anxiety of the patient.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that this was an update that everything went well and you were on your way back, but that will come a lil later !!! Continuing well wishes and prayers to you and your family and blessing to a very successful update in the near future. Linda in Tn

Shammickite said...

Good to know the heart doc has your best interests in mind. Don't worry about it, it just makes things worse, and there nothing you can do to make the problem go away.... just be patient, do what the doc says and chill out. And as God said to Moses, keep taking the tablets.

Suldog said...

Thank you all. Update soon.