Friday, August 01, 2008

A Rocky (Rockies?) Weekend

I've got my head all wrapped up in softball now, so there's no hope of you actually getting a decent post from me. Sorry!

This weekend is the final of the Bombers regular season. We currently hold 6th place in our league, the final playoff spot. There are 10 teams total. The first and second place finishers get a bye in the first round.

Here are the standings:

Titans    15-1
Reds 13-3
Bacon 12-4
Dot Rats 10-6
Rockies 7-9
Bombers 6-9-1
GangGreen 6-10
Renegades 6-10
MHC 3-12-1
Bags 1-15

We play a doubleheader against one opponent every Sunday. This week, we play the team directly ahead of us, the Rockies. There are all sorts of interesting (to me alone, probably) scenarios.

The only way we can guarantee a playoff spot is if we win both games. Then we would finish in fifth place and get the Dot Rats in the first round.

If we win only one game, then we have to have both Gangreen and Renegades lose at least one game apiece. This is a good possibility, as they play the Titans and Bacon respectively, both good teams. On a normal day, I couldn't see Gangreen or Renegades sweeping those sets. However, Titans have clinched first and have absolutely nothing to play for. And Bacon, while having an outside shot at finishing second and getting a bye, will have nothing to play for (except pride) should Renegades somehow win the first game. Bacon may not give a hairy rat's ass in the second game.

Finally, if we lose twice, we could still make the playoffs, but only if Gangreen and Renegades also both lose twice. Then we would sneak in the back door, undeservedly.

Do any of you actually care, beyond your much-appreciated personal feelings for me? No, of course not. But I needed to put this into writing, to set it in my own head, and I thank you for your forebearance.

Of course, what this truly means to you, in the long run, is that Monday's posting will probably also have to do with softball. Just so you don't automatically skip coming here, however, I'll toss out the faint hope that I'll get my ass in gear and write something else on Saturday, and then if it rains on Sunday, you'll get that, instead.

Vegas has set the odds against such an occurrence at 12 - 1. Oh, wait a minute. Not Vegas. That was Dave Vargas, our shortstop. Still, it sounds about right.

(If you're really masochistic, you could go to The B2-Bombers Homepage. There you will see that we really do have a player named Dave Vargas. Also, even a cursory glance at my statistics will tell you that all the whining I've been doing, about my skills having deteriorated, has not been a lie.)

Soon, with more better stuff (12 - 1 against)
Soon, with more softball stuff (odds-on favorite)


Michelle H. said...

Okay! I snuck a peek at the Bombers homepage. I can be masochistic. See! See! I care about your softball team.

Um...what's an RBI? :-o

Chuck said...

I can't say as I'm a softball fan, but your league has some really cool team names. Where else could you see GanGreen play Bacon, live?

Good luck this weekend! As is often the case, I'll be working at night and sleeping during the day.

SandraRee said...

Sul, anything you post about is going to draw your readers, you had us at first post. :)

Good luck against the Rockies, I'll make sure I do a cheer for you this Sunday!

Buck said...

But I needed to put this into writing, to set it in my own head, and I thank you for your forebearance.

Isn't this why we ALL blog, more or less? That's my excuse, FWIW. And Sandra got it right: I'd read ya even if you cut 'n' pasted the phone book. Well, once, anyway. Just as long as ya didn't make a habit of it... ;-)

lime said...

hey i appreciate the odds anyway, is there a bookie available so mybe i could make a buck or two in this whole thing? that is, betting about post content, not the games.

Shammickite said...

Well, I "sortof care"... cos OlderSon is on a softball team in his small town league and I've been to a number of his games and it's surprising how passionate everyone gets about who wins or loses.
It's an "old timer's league" and he's only 36.... oh well
some people get old before their time.
His team's name is "THE HOT TUB WOODIES!

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Now I see you are just being hard on yourself. You have only had 12 at bats, Vargas has had over 45. Your average is not that bad, I feel for poor George though.

I agree with Sandra & Buck, odds are we will be here Monday no matter what :)

Shrinky said...

Alright, just give me a prod when it's all over will 'ya?

(still in snooze mode)

Rebecca said...

I hope you had a great ball weekend. :)

Speaking of ball...

While I still love Manny, and miss him (though the sports channels have been generous enough to update us on his playing this weekend..), we're officially the "Bay" state, eh? What a fantastic weekend for the new kid on the block. :)


John-Michael said...

Thank you (REALLY!) SulDog, for allowing us this shared experience with you. It is such a compliment to be so intimately included in what is meaningful and important to you. 'Makes knowing you as "Friend" even more natural and enjoyable.

'Love you, Jim!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Best of luck to you and your team. Peace, Judi

Janet said...

yeah actually I'd be interested to see how you would cut and paste the phone book. We didn't have fun team names - they were work teams, so we just went by the college name or the publishing house name.
Today's word verification is
Close enough to fun, don't you think?