Thursday, August 28, 2008

Irish Stu

The title? Stu tagged me for a meme. Stu isn't Irish in the least, so far as I know. He's a fine upstanding Jew from Southern California. I'm Irish, though; at least partially. No prizes for guessing which parts. Does it make any sense at all? No. That's the way it goes sometimes, especially here in the happiest place in the universe - Suldogland!

(This won't get any better, so you may want to bail now.)

Here are the rules of the meme (which I think I've already done two or three times, but what the hell. There's a near-endless supply of weird/random facts about me, so I suppose I'm good for at least one more go at it.)

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Done, about to be done, will be done, and you're probably here because it was done.

Okee-dokee. Here's the dope.

(That would be me.)

1 - I Never Went To College.

For some reason, most folks seem surprised when they find this out. Perhaps they're just feigning surprise and I'm too dumb to realize it. In any case, no all-night keggers, racoon coats, or pantie raids for me. At least, not any that involved an institution of higher learning.

2 - My Uniform Number, In Softball, Is 29.

Most people could give a damn, but those who think about it at all probably assume I chose that number because it has some sort of special significance. Nope. Some guys choose their number because it's the same number as a ballplayer they admire. If that were true, then my 29 would be a tribute to Henry Finkel. Nope. Perhaps it is an important birthdate of someone I love? Again, no.

What it is, is the age I was when I started the Blake & Rebhan company softball team in 1987. I figured, from that point on, as long as I was wearing a uniform, I'd always be 29. Duh.

And, to be truthful, I've always considered 29 to be a somewhat lucky number for me, which leads to the following weird fact...

3 - MY WIFE And I Had Our Marriage Ceremony Begin At 2:29pm on 2/29/92.

It ended August 16th, 1998, at 10:32am.

Just joking. And if you said that to MY WIFE, she would reply, "Oh, I'm sorry! Can I get you a glass of water?" This is why we're very happily married. She puts up with my crummy jokes, and I put up with hers.

4 - In My Final At-Bat As A Softball Player, I Stroked A Single To Center Field.

My final at-bat thus far. If I were to never put on a softball uniform again, I could keep remembering that single and kid myself into thinking I could do it all the time, so why not put on a uniform again, so I would, and then who knows what disgrace I'd bring upon myself? So, one way or another, I'll probably end up playing again. For this winter, though, I'm living on that single.

5 - I Have Trouble Distinguishing The Color Blue From The Color Purple.

Unless we're talking about the novel.

Seriously, I have a bit of color blindness. Certain shades of blue and purple (usually darker shades) are not immediately recognizable to me as those colors. I sometimes have to compare them to other, lighter shades to notice the difference. More often, I'll ask someone what it is. Even more often than that, I'll fake it. I figure it's a 50-50 proposition, and if I get it wrong, nobody's going to throw me up against a wall and shoot me.

6 - My Buddy Just Called Me From Jail Looking To Raise Bail Money.

I'm not kidding. It's part of some fundraiser for muscular dystrophy. He was escorted out of work, by actual police, and is now sitting in a jail cell. He tried to reach me live, but I was writing this and he had to leave a message. I called him back on his cell and left him a message. As soon as I finish writing this, I'll try again.

I always figured that, if either one of us called the other looking for help getting bailed out, I would have been the one calling him.

7 - I Bailed Him Out.

Got through to him. Donated. He'll be released shortly.

We often talk about music, as he is a former bandmate of mine. As I was talking to him about the bail, for some reason he started going on about some Procol Harum record from 1976. I told him, "Hey! Put the police back on the phone! I revoke your bail!"

Well, he laughed.

And there you have 7 odd bits of stuff. Now I get to terrorize the neighborhood, by naming 7 of YOU to complete this thing. Problem is, I honestly can't remember who among you has already done this, or been tagged by me to do it, and I know some of you don't like being tagged, and others of you are on vacation, and, um...

I'm tagging nobody on this one. Be sure to thank God tonight in your prayers. Of course, if you wanted to be tagged - and who could blame you, considering the tremendous amount of cachet you'd get from being associated with a big deal like me? - then feel free to meme to your hearts content.

Soon, with what would almost have to be better stuff.

(Got the photo here, by the way.)


Michelle H. said...

Thank you God he didn't tag me...

Colorblindness? I already knew that about you. Oh, you mean literally. Well, that IS interesting.

Number 6&7 takes the cake. I don't think anybody could come up with a better list than this.

lime said...

i don't mind being tagged with pretty much anything but THIS meme. i have done it roughly 4000 times. give or take 3992 or so. but what's a few grand between friends.....memes that is. i'm not looking for bail money or anything...though i do have this transmission that has sucked my account dry...

Stu said...

First, I'm a Polish Jew, so imagine my childhood, especially at school, where I was also one of the shortest kids.

Second, well done. I'd send you the first Montrose album, but I assume you have it. How about listing the bands and their albums that fall into your favor?

C, I'm really tired, but not too tired to note that Jesus was baptized by John in the year 29.

Pam said...

well, you know how many times i've tagged w a meme like this. i just finished one! LOL

#1- hey some ppl are smart regardless of not going to college. then there are those who did, and are dumber than a stump LOL

#3 16 yrs, not bad...guess your wife puts up w a lot lol

#5- i hope your wife doesn't let you paint the house lol some blues do look an awful lot like purple and vice versa though.

great meme-it's cool to find out about the suldog :)

Buck said...

I'm tagging nobody on this one. Be sure to thank God tonight in your prayers.

And I'm thanking yourownself, too. I like some memes (the VERY simple ones), but not this particular one.

Still and even: ya done good!

Suldog said...

MLH - Mmmmmmm. Cake.

Lime - Mmmmmm. Cake.

Oh, sorry. Once that's on my mind, not much can get it off.

So, this gets me to thinking: Is there any such thing as a lime cake? I think I'll google "lime cake" and see what comes up.


Stu - I have the one with "Paper Money" on it, if that's it.

I assume you're asking me to list bands that I like, but of which I have few recordings. I very much have vinyl for most that I like - bought back in the Stone Age - but I could always use a CD of...

Grand Funk - Closer To Home
Alice Cooper - Love It To Death
The Who - Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy
The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks
The Beatles - 1967-1970 (the blue album)

(Now, I know you. You're the kind of generous guy who would send them ALL to me. That's why I stopped my listing at only 5. BUT, I'm serious here, I'm not asking for any of them, OK? OK. And I will feel obligated to return your favor in some way, IF you do send any, so be aware of that.)

Ciara - WTF! You're not going to buy me any CDs?

Just joking! So, see #3 in the meme again.

(And, if you have no earthly idea what I'm talking about, see my answer to Stu above.)

(Well, actually his name is Stu MARK, not Stu above. Barump-bump!)

Buck - You can't reasonably expect me to have a humorous answer for you after all of the energy I just expended on everyone else. Nevertheless, I still like you and thanks for playing. There are some wonderful consolation prizes waiting for you back in the green room.

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

Hi Suldog, I tagged myself b/c I've never been tagged before and wanted to do a meme. It was just as thrilling as I imagined it to be!

Suldog said...

Librarian - Cool! If I had known you wanted to be tagged, I would have done so personally, since you are such a HOT librarian.

(Seriously. Everybody should go to her place and see the photo montage. If you love brunettes with glasses and great legs, like I do, then YOWZERS!)

(Disclaimer: MY WIFE is a brunette with glasses and great legs. I'm not kidding. It's a combination that seriously turns me on.)

(Actually, any 2 of those 3 things will do. Well, ONE, if I'm in the right mood.)

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...

Thanks! I was trying to raise money for my marathon charity when I posted those pics ;-)

Got 2 Trot Librarian said...
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Pat - Arkansas said...

Is the Robert B. Sullivan in the photo a relative? See... I did go check out the photo. Neat!

Suldog said...

Pat - Yes, Robert B. Sullivan is my great-great-uncle. Well, he's at least my good-good-uncle. In any case, he invented the artichoke, and...

No, truthfully, I had no idea there was even a Sullivan in that photo. I only searched Google for "racoon coats." The odds of one us being anywhere are not long, of course, as we're quite prodigious breeders.

Rooster said...

My baseball and softball uniform number was always #4. There was never much reason for it, other than I like the number, and once you have a number, it is yours for life (superstitions and all). But, I am honored to share it with the likes of Bobby Orr and Lou Gehrig.

Sadly, I do not know what I did in my last at bat in baseball. When it took place, I don't think I expected it to be the last at bat. I think I recall hitting a double in my first at bat, but now I feel empty not knowing how it ended (maybe that's a good thing?).

Ort, maybe I need to get back out there and work towards a new last at bat sometime in teh future?

Janet said...

Sorry, can't stop, I have to go hide my Procul Harum albums and get out the Who and the Beatles.

Janet said...

OK i'm back. As to the college thing? Book learning is no indication of intelligence. I know a couple of PhDs who make those guys in Dumb and Dumber look like Einstein. (Who didn't go to college either if I recall correctly.)

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Excellent! Especially that you got to bail your friend out for a fundraiser. Now that is one I've never heard before although I did have to bail some friends out before.