Thursday, March 16, 2017


Just got back from a first-time meeting with long-time blog buddies Chris and Theresa Mauger. It was an absolute blast.

L to R - Me, MY WIFE, Theresa, Chris.

They're in town for a conference, visiting from California. We made arrangements to meet them at a semi-famous local joint called The No-Name. It's on the waterfront in South Boston and serves a decent fish dinner.

(There are no more photos because MY WIFE and I aren't cell phone people. And we were all having such a good time, Chris and Theresa only though to get one shot at the end of the meal. Waitress took a damn nice shot, though.)

It was like meeting old friends for the first time. We all got along famously, as I assumed we would. I'd followed both Chris's and Theresa's blogs for some time, so I knew about them and they knew about me. The only thing remaining was to physically meet, which we just did and it was swell.

Here's a link to Chris's blog - Knucklehead! He's one of the funniest bloggers ever. Don't stop on the one I'm linking you to. Explore and have some mighty laughs. Trust me.

(For the life of me, I can't find the link I had for Theresa. Forgive me, Theresa! Chris could be a gentleman when he reads this and put a link to your blog in the comments!)

Both Chris and Theresa are fairly awesome for many things, but especially - to me, anyway - for running in damn marathons and stuff like that. I run to first base these days and I need oxygen. Chris was about 110 pounds heavier when I first started reading his blog. That's no joke. The link I gave you is to one of his pieces written just before he got serious about losing weight. If you search his archives, I'm sure you'll be able to find a photo of the old fat Chris (and I'm sure he's thrilled that I've sent you on such a search. Maybe Theresa is glad now that I didn't have a link handy for her!)

Another reason for wanting the capability to take photos (which we could do, if we ever charged our phones, but we don't) is because they brought us a couple of lovely presents - a new bear for our teddy collection and a bottle of sand from an actual California beach (which we're letting the bear keep nearby in case he has any sudden bouts of homesickness.) The bear is wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers shirt. If you know anything about the sports rivalry Chris and I share, what we named him may make sense to you.

His name is Dave.

OK, maybe that needs an explanation. Chris is a Yankees fan. I'm a Red Sox fan. Dave Roberts played for the Red Sox and holds a special place (of infamy for Yankees fans; heroics for Sox fans) for his stolen base in game four of the 2004 American League Championship Series. Roberts is now the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, we named the teddy Dave. Dave Roberts. Except the last name is pronounced Ro-BEAR. Dave Ro-BEAR.

Well, either you get it or you don't. We all got a laugh out of it and Dave likes it.

(He has an alternate name - LALA - and we're OK with that. We don't discriminate concerning the sexuality of our bears and what Dave does in his off-season is none of our business.)

Anyway, it was wonderful meeting them. That's about it. But isn't that enough? Yes, it is.

Soon, with more better stuff.


Barbara said...

I love it! Even though I haven't read his blog, I've read his comments here for years and it's great to get a face to go with the name. I'm also jealous. One of these days I'll get to Boston and meet you and your WIFE! I'll have to start thinking of a gift now, though, to beat the bear. That was really sweet.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Did I mention that I love the No Name?
Yep, about as much as Jakey's.
I see Chris still hasn't written a recent Knucklehead post.
He is definitely a talented writer.
I shall refrain from discussions of Dave Ro Bear.
It hurts that he wears the colors a certain team from the other end of the state.

Ami said...

I've had the joy of meeting several blog friends. And so far, they've all been exactly what I expected and I'm so happy to have had the opportunity.

The photo is great, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

messymimi said...

Someday i want to meet you in person, too!

Suldog said...

Of the four people above who left comments, I've actually met (Not Necessarily My) Uncle Skip. Wonderful man (and his wife was lovely, too.) Honestly, I've never had a bad experience when meeting my blog buddies. If any of you - Barbara, Ami, Mimi - are ever in Boston, let me know. I'm sure it will be a fine evening if we can get together.

Anonymous said...

I happily am reminded of your ring BEARer at your wedding. (incidentally, the best wedding reception ever!!!).

Suldog said...

aMOMymous - Thanks! Flaubert (that's Flo Bear, of course) thinks highly of you, too!