Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tired of the Election? Think Thanksgiving.

Our long national nightmare is scheduled to end - or go into a hideous four-year extended run, depending upon the candidate of your choice - on November 8th. After that, though, good news is on the horizon for most. Thanksgiving arrives 16 days later, on November 24th.

My latest column in the Boston Herald centers around the juxtaposition of those two events. And it includes some good news for fans of Thanksgiving.

If you'd like to read the good news, here's a link to my article. And why wouldn't you want to read some good news?

(If I somehow end up offending any committed pessimists in the crowd, my apologies. I know some people thrive on bad news and it isn't my intention to take you out of your comfort zone.)

Thanks for reading. See you there!

Soon, with more better stuffing.


joeh said...

I've seen a number of stores announce they will be closed. Every time I see one I think of your campaign and think "Good going Suldog!!"

Tabor said...

It is too soon no matter when. Not the election, Thanksgiving. I am not prepared for either, though.

messymimi said...

Let's hope many more stores and malls follow suit.

Shammickite said...

That's good news. More people will be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving at home with their families. And wonder at what happened 2 weeks previously!!!!!

Ami said...

Considering the mess that is our country, the disastrous 'choices' we have in this election and the blatant cheating and complete lack of respect for the public demonstrated, I'm willing to celebrate almost anything good. Clean socks. Deodorant. A day without rain.

So one more mall will be closed on Thanksgiving. That can only be good, right?

Also, you misspelled Santa.
It's S-A-T-A-N, or so my neighbor says.

Between us, I don't think he's going to celebrate anything. Ever. What a doorknob.

Daryl said...

tired? how could anyone tire of this sideshow?

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

There really, really should be a fixed time limit for both election campaigns and certain shopping seasons.

Elections should not need more than a couple of months for primaries (and they should all be confined to one month), followed by not more than three months of campaigning for the general election, with a two week cooling off period before the actual election.

If any of the garbage out there were really interesting, I might not complain so much.

Ruby said...

i enjoyed your elections especially republican primaries, great fun. although it has turned uglier in the recent days. Cheers!

Shoshanah Marohn said...

That is uplifting! I didn't know the Mall of America had decided to close for Thanksgiving. I also saw a store with a sign saying no Christmas decorations would go up until after Thanksgiving- huzzah! Now if we could only convince the politicians to start campaigning later, that would be amazing.