Sunday, October 23, 2016

Remember Last Time I Was Here?

If you recall, the last time we got together in this space I apologized for sending you someplace else to read what I had written. I made some sort of vague promise that I might actually give you something new to read here this time, instead of sending you there to read it.

I lied. Sorry!

What can I say? I'm more successful than I imagined. I didn't expect to sell something else to the Boston Herald quite so soon. I did, though, and there you go - literally, if you hit this link.

Or you can stay here and stare at this page.

Or (here's a hint as to the content you'll find over there) you can choose neither of the two options I'm foisting upon you and go for a third option.

(I'd rather you choose to go over there, of course, because I think very highly of myself and I like to kid myself into thinking you think almost as much of me as I do of myself.)

No matter what you do, I thank you for making more effort to come here than I obviously have in trying to keep you here.

Soon, with more better stuff.


It' said...

Very apt....I do know folks that would prefer the NOTA option if it were there. I too am going by way of one of our third party candidates. I'm going to try to hit the polls today or tomorrow, because not voting is too cowardly for me, and as you pointed out, no one else would even notice if I apathetically stayed home.

Ami said...

I'll be writing in the name of my preferred candidate.

I have never seen such a clusterf*ck as this 'free and fair' election. Cheating and lying and filthy rhetoric. It makes me sick. It's caused huge rifts in friendships, families and in our country.

The NOTA option might be more agreeable to people if there were some penalty for being such a piece of shit that no one wants to vote for you.
I'm not advocating death or even physical harm... but dear GOD what a couple of pieces of __________. (Fill in with your choice of derogatory words.)

And yep. 3rd party.

messymimi said...

Agreed. NOTA is an option i've wanted for a very, very long time. In my version of the law, if NOTA got 35% of the vote in any election, it would have to be done over and no one who ran before could run again. That would probably get us a whole new government at almost every level!

Craig said...

If NOTA were an option this time, that might very likely be my vote.

The only problem I can see with it, is what happens while you're organizing the new election? If we just leave the guys in who're there now, that would make it look different, too. . .

I'm voting more like 5th party. I suppose there's a silver lining to that; knowing my candidate has no chance to win, I can just vote for the candidate/party whose platform lines up most closely with my own. What a concept!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

The major party candidates this time around make anarchy look like a better option.
That's too scary.
None of the above would work for me.
Heck, woulda worked a few other times, too.
Only I am more concerned about the divisiveness that's been created over the past few years.
How're we gonna get those folks who adamantly support either of those two back on the same page?

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

I am troubled by what I read....
You know how I feel and who I am going to vote for. I will vote for Donald Trump.
My heart is troubled for my Grandchildren who will grow up in an America that I fear won't be "The Land of the Free....and the Home of the Brave" any more if Hillary is elected.
I actually cry about it many nights. Not for me. I cry for my Grandchildren. I cry as I type this.
I am afraid that I will be angry with those who have allowed the Democrats to win this election. I have read and heard too much (not from the mainstream media. You won't hear it from them.) And that kind of manipulation by the media scares me to death. Where are we living??
Is this America??
Is it??
I don't want to be angry with those that allow the Democrats to win this election, but I see it this way: we will probably have several Supreme Court Justices who will be appointed by the President who takes office in 2017. I KNOW how Hillary is going appoint. She has stated it. She is pro-abortion. God help us if we abandon the rights of the defenseless unborn babies. God help us!
I won't say any more about this.
But, I have been quite grieved by what I see...what I read. I'm afraid for America.
For the first time in my 66 years. I'm afraid for America.

Suldog said...


I, too, am troubled. But I am troubled by the process itself. Unless something is done this time around, to change the actual process, I believe we are facing a future where the candidates we have to choose from will be nothing BUT the Hillarys of this world, the Donalds of this world, the elite with access to power.

I understand you are going to vote for Mr. Trump and I would never try to dissuade you from your firmly held belief. I know you're a good person and you are voting with your conscience. I, too, am voting with my conscience.

Yes, this country we both love appears headed for something calamitous. My belief, unfortunately, is that I see it headed for calamity via either one of the two who are likely to win. Therefore, I am trying to make it possible for the next time - should there be one - to be a better choice.

We are both trying for something we believe is nobler than that which we fear. You probably have a better chance at it than I do, so...

God bless, Jackie. I love you.

Absolut Ruiness said...

At times I cant decide whether you write these take-you-some-place-else posts better than your regular posts. Regardless, you make my insides chuckle. Not in a creepy way. Although, I dont think there can be non-creepy chuckling insides.