Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Wicked Local

Here I am again, touting my work.

My latest publication credit is with Wicked Local, a family of newspapers and on-line sites. The "Wicked" does not equate to "evil". It is a regional linguistic intensifier; basically "very" in New England-ese.

(I have learned something, by the way, and perhaps you would like to become my intellectual equal? The use of the word dates to... Oh, hell, I'll send you to the same place from which I learned the information and you can have the same thrill of discovery I did - "Wicked" Slang Origins.)

I have digressed. The reason I came here was to make myself appear much more important than I actually am. To that end, let me direct you to my very first published piece in Wicked Local. Why, here it is now!

Tony Dias Summer League, in Wicked Local, Wareham

And there you go (I hope.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I read a quote this morning:
"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less."

Self-promotion isn't a lack of humility.

OldAFSarge said...

What Skip said.

Wicked awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great article! It's good to hear stories like this, of people volunteering to do positive things for kids. And I love the word "wicked". I think I may start using it and see if it catches on in Texas.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Mr. Watters and all the coaches do a fantastic service for these children and for their community. Thank you for the article, Jim.

messymimi said...

Thanks for highlighting people who are doing great things for kids!

Craig said...

Wicked awesome, Jim.

Thanks for sharing this story.

Daryl said...

sports .. but still a great, er, wicked read

Shammickite said...

Got to admire people who work encouraging young people like that.
Wicked is a very strange word.... doesn't have the same meaning as it did years ago, which was something or somebody really bad or evil. Funny how everyday words get transformed into new versions. Wicked article, Jim lad.