Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Not For Sale

My latest piece in the Boston Herald talks about the hideousness of shopping on Thanksgiving. I know most of you feel the same way I do about it, so please hop on over to the website and feel free to add your comments.

Go HERE, please.

(On just about every website that asks folks to NOT shop on Thanksgiving, someone - maybe a corporate hack; maybe a sincere dissenter - expresses the opinion that there should be shopping on Thanksgiving. I really want to make sure the majority opinion - ours - is well-represented against that sort of person. So please, if you have the time and want your opinion heard, leave your comment at the Herald website. You may need to log in to do so, and I know that can be a drag, but we really need to hammer home how much we believe in this.)

As always, thank you for reading my stuff. And thank you for taking the time to leave a response at the Herald website. It means the world to me, and I am in your debt should you do so.


P.S. Don't forget - Logging in at the website also enables you to vote up or down on other comments!


Hilary said...

A fine article, Jim. I seem to recall that last year, at this time, you were hoping they would publish your Thanksgiving Comes First article. I'm so glad that they did this year.

I did sign up at the Herald the last time you directed us there. For whatever reason, it didn't keep my sign in information and I haven't a clue what I used. Sorry.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

The local TV station posted to Facebook that the Mall (yep a real mall with indoor plumbing and electricity) in Redding would be open at 8pm on Thanksgiving.
The last time I looked all the comments were were 100% negative.
There are a lot of folks disenchanted by the commercialism and consumerism.
I just hope there are enough to reverse the tide.
I am doing my darnedest to shop local this year, even if it costs me a few bucks more.

Tabor said...

I had trouble logging on again...must be my zip code out of your area. I support the cause, though.

Jackie said...

I'm going there now, Jim.
Congratulations on your article in the Boston Herald.
I do hope that each and every person who leaves comment(s) anywhere regarding their disdain at stores opening on Thanksgiving will do more than comment about it. If we will not shop at those stores, it will make a greater difference.

Jackie said...

OOoooops. Double posted on the Herald. I hope "they" fix it, 'cause I couldn't.

It' said...

I finally registered at the Herald, felt it was worth a few minutes of my time to leave a comment. I hope all of us who feel strongly that Thanksgiving is for families/friends/whomever to give thanks for their blessings by sharing a meal and having fun together is important enough that shopping doesn't even enter our minds and we let our retailers know (whew!).

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it got published. Heading over there now to read and comment!

Maggie May said...

You are passionate about this, I know. I feel a bit like that about Good Friday, but I can't say I've never shopped on that day.

I am irritated by Christmas things appearing in the shops in November. Christmas activities everywhere here at the moment.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Mich said...

I'm glad you continue to be so vocal about this. Not enough people are.

Everyone around here seems to have broken out all the Christmas stuff already (even people decorating their houses like wtf) and it makes me crazy! I'm hoping to invest in a giant inflatable turkey for my roof.

Shammickite said...

I have to admit that the only time I was in the USA (in Florida) the day after your Thanksgiving, I did go shopping. I bought a red winter jacket that I wear as soon as the weather turns cold. And every time I read your tirade against shopping on that day, I feel guilty! Good news about being published in the BH.... one day when you are famous I'll be able to say "I knew him when....."

Joanna Jenkins said...

You and I totally agree on this one, Jim. I'll stop by the Herald and log in to tell them so.

Congratulations on your writing success. I hope the coming year brings more writing jobs your way. I'm sorry for the difficulties losing your job brought-- that's a tough one and it really stinks. (I'd forgotten it was your voice on the unemployment message. Grrr.)

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving,