Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Before I give you a few TCF-related links to explore, I want to acknowledge the debt I owe you.

I've had more than my fair share of love showered on me this past week. Your comments at the Boston Herald website, concerning my most recent piece, were heartfelt and lovely. They accepted another one of my pieces just yesterday, and I think your nice responses may have played a part in that. Thank you.

(The piece they accepted, by the way, is about the hideousness of shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Not only does it mean another payday for me, but it also allows me to vent my spleen and avoid buying anti-depressants. As repayment, you are all invited to my place for Thanksgiving. Bring pie.)

(MY WIFE will read this and say, "Oh my God! What have you done? We don't have room for that many people! Arrrggghhh! Arrrggghhh!"

Oddly enough, MY WIFE sounds like Charlie Brown when she's stressed. I don't really expect you to show up on my doorstep with pie, but, if you do, also bring wine and valium for MY WIFE.)

OK, here's where I send you other places. These are the most recent Thanksgiving Comes First postings of which I've become aware.

Joe Hagy, a.k.a. The Cranky Old Man, is an excellent writer, so THIS is an excellent piece!

Barbara Shallue is a wonderful person so it follows that her piece on this subject is wonderful, also.

Respect The Turkey! That's what Eternal Lizdom says.

My buddy, The Old AF Sarge (nicest retired Air Force Sergeant in Rhode Island, as it says on the sidebar), contributed at Chant du Depart.

My buddy, Buck (nicest retired Air Force Sergeant in New Mexico, as it says on the sidebar, and where are the other 48 nicest retired Air Force Sergeants and why aren't they reading me?), at Exile In Portales is among the many who have taken The Pledge...

... and prominently displayed it either on a blog or as a Facebook profile picture (which means it displays EVERY TIME that person posts and/or comments, so you should do it, too.) I know damn well I'm going to miss some folks here - and if you let me know I missed you, I'll edit this to include you - but these wonderful folks have all done something similar - Daryl Singer Edelstein, Joe White, Skip O'Brien, Rebecca Harris, Angie Ledbetter, Karen Wacaser Lyons, Judi Fitzpatrick, Jeni Hill Ertmer, Twistlers Tara, Kevin Fitzpatrick,
Joe Hagy, Valerie Smith-Sheehy, Janet Comperry McReynolds, Dennis Nappi II (who just received the proofs back for his book - Congrats!), Luann Purin Sweeney, and Erin Stamos.

You should also go to Say No To Shopping On Thanksgiving (which is the place where I borrowed the graphic for The Pledge) and also Help End Corporate Greed: Don't Shop On Thanksgiving and also Boycott Shopping On Thanksgiving Day. Also, our Facebook site (set up last year with a huge assist from Matt Conlon) THANKSGIVING COMES FIRST.

Where else can I send you? Emanuella Grinberg, of CNN, interviewed me last week. I don't know when the interview, or story in which the interview is mentioned, will be coming out, but you could check to see if it's there somewhere.

As always, it pays to be at the front of the line. Here, once again, are the folks who posted early (and who were mentioned about ten days ago, too, so that's the reward. I'm sure it makes them happy in their pants to be mentioned here twice. Woo. Hoo.

Messy Mimi gets the spot of honor for being the first to post. She explains why everyone will be happier if they wait for Christmas, and shows valid reasons why giving is much better than receiving.

Next up, It's A Crazy World (I'll say!) with why Thanksgiving is great (and some general raspberries for a few retailers.)

Tilting At Windmills (fine name for a blog, but I hope this doesn't turn out to be an example of that activity) joins in again. Nice to have you back!

Jackie, at Teacher's Pet, is a longtime friend, one of the nicest people on the internet, and she mentions me in her posts far too often (but I love it, of course.)

A couple of news stories at Myrtle Beach Online and The Charlotte Observer mention Thanksgiving Comes First on Facebook. See what can happen? Change your profile picture on Facebook, folks!

That wonderfully demented bastard, IT, has posted something that mentions the cause.

I think that about covers it. Going to all of those links should keep you busy for a day or two. I'll be back to point you to the Herald piece when it publishes. Until then, once again, THANK YOU.



Lisa Johnson said...

Looking forward to going through this list! I'm working on a post of my own too! : )

Jackie said...

Always good to know that the Boston Herald gets smarter and smarter as the days go by.
Congratulations, my friend.

messymimi said...

Every time i think about the people who miss out on their family holiday because of greed, i get madder. Thanks for continuing to sound the charge.

CiCi said...

Okay, the round orange ball thingy is on my facebook page now. Go check it out if you don't believe me. So what time do we show up at your place on Thanksgiving day with pie in hand?

Suldog said...

Any time between 1 and 7 will do. Don't forget the valium for MY WIFE! :-)

However, what name are you under on Facebook?

Lowandslow said...

Good for ya, Jim. Happy Thanksgiving. And I'm totally on board the "no shopping " bandwagon. :)


joeh said...

Costco and a few others get it.

Tuna said...

I wouldn't shop on Thanksgiving even if I could- I'm usually too full to roll myself off the couch, much less out the door.

barbicakes said...

Oh my , I'm so out of the loop and probably have fallen to the end of this blog page too...I need to get on over there and read your Boston Herald piece. I've been busy creating stickbarb for a business countdown. I think maybe stickbarb needs to work on an anti shopping on Thanksgiving drawing...but even if she doesn't I'm in there in agreement...why? to point fingers at the..greed of course...
If I were closer I'd bring a pie and maybe cranberry sauce....If it were back in the day... some "brownies" too....for the wife. lol

Anonymous said...

No shopping for me on Thanksgiving! I love being with my family and friends. I'm on board with the no shopping. If Ray and I lived close we would definetly stop by with wine Jim. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Debra D.

Cleary Squared said...

As much as I hate to say this, I'm glad we're in Massachusetts and the Blue Laws forbid us from opening on Thanksgiving.

I propose if retail stores want to open on Thanksgiving, they can - but they must pay a 25% Holiday Tax on their income for that day and Black Friday. The money would paid directly to charities and food banks where people can't afford to have a decent Thanksgiving, never mind Christmas. Yes, it's a financial disincentive and flies in the face of the fiscal conservatism I have, but if its effect is to remember that families come before the dollar signs, it'll be worth it.

Murr Brewster said...

My whole family swore off gifts a couple years ago. We've never been happier. We're still all about the overeating, though. In fact, we're trying to make that the centerpiece of all our holidays. Flag Day. Washington's Birthday. Yum.

Michelle H. said...

Great to hear more people are on the bandwagon! I just keep the logo on my blog (which I'll move higher up for people to see. If I get the time, I'll make a Thanksgiving post. I've just been extra busy lately.