Sunday, February 03, 2013

We Made Money

We made money.

You did bet, right? And you'll be sending me 10% of your winnings, right?

We won two of the three bets. The bet on the total going Over 47 was, as I predicted, in the bag before the end of the third quarter. We also cashed on the small side bet that Colin Kaepernick would score a touchdown. Baltimore won the game outright, so our bet with odds, that the 49'ers would win by at least eight points, went down the tubes. Oh, well. On balance, the total was +875.

According to my sidebar, I have 597 followers. Since you all followed my betting recommendations, that means all 597 of you made $875 each. So that's a total of $522,375 you guys won. My 10% cut is $52,237.50, which I expect to show up in my mail, in 597 separate envelopes containing $87.50.

Cool! Now I won't have to worry so much about finding a job right away!

As soon as I receive all of your payments, I'll be back. In the meantime, enjoy your winnings. It was my pleasure.

Soon, with more bettor stuff.


Buck said...

Heh. I'm first... at something.

I didn't bet, nor did I watch. That said, I hope ya get SOME money outta this.

joeh said...

My check is in the mail...sent to
Mr. Suldog, Somewhere Ma.

Hope you get it.

Jackie said...

I sometimes have a touch of dyslexia, so $05.78 is headed your way.
I don't bet, but I'm a good sport; my check is in the mail, too.

Murr Brewster said...

I worked in the post office where people would bet on who was coming out of the elevator next. Or the number of times the boss would start with the word "basically" when delivering a safety lecture. Regular games had enough side bets going to merit a full-time position as University Station Bookie. The SuperBowl would generate enough to look like that confetti shower at the end. I'm retired, but I do miss the basic number board. Whoever had 4 to 1 probably didn't think it would turn out that way.

Chris said...

Sadly, I'd also made a bet equaling the money I put down on your suggestions on "there won't be a power outage." So it was a wash.

messymimi said...

Sorry, but i'm not a gambler. The most i've ever bet on a game was fifty cents.

Never bet more than you are willing to lose is my motto.

Daryl said...

didnt watch didnt bet but i am glad the purple team won

Unknown said...

If you lost money, maybe we can make some of that back on "There will be an unusual number of new birthdays between Halloween and Thanksgiving this year."

OldAFSarge said...

Um er. Bet. Me? Were we supposed to?

I thought that was all rhetorical, or was it hyperbole? (Pathos?)

I get so confused. What was your name again?

(Quick, start shuffling towards the exit. I think he bought it!)

Juli said...

Um, I thought we had the option of donating at Knucklehead's. I figured that was a safer bet.

lime said...

the sure bet was me not even watching the game. i predicted and carried though.

Anonymous said...

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Janet said...

This is what I posted on Facebook, "Is there a game on or something?" So no watching, no betting, no money. Of course, we don't have TV, which makes it difficult. However, the reality is, if we had TV I would have been watching "Downton Abbey."

sandyshares said...

hahaha if only I had money to bet

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm sending you a check for the whole $52,237.50 since it looks as if these cheapskates aren't going to. I put it in an envelope and stamped it ready to go so... oh.... heck, what's the dog eating?

Clare Dunn said...

The Chech is in the Male. (punchline to a stoopid pun joke)

Me too, didn't bet, didn't watch, didn't care.