Monday, November 05, 2012


As much as I despise the October-November onset of Christmas advertising, music, and decorations, each way-too-early holiday season brings with it some real joy. I am uplifted by my fellow sufferers who try to make a difference. The smiles they give me almost make up for the crap foisted upon us by the greedy bastards who think that Christmas is nothing more than an opportunity to get into the black.

(If you've somehow landed here without having any idea what I'm rabbiting on about, here's my [annual] original posting.)

Listed below are links to those who have joined the fray in some way or another. Please visit them and tell them what lovely people they are. You won't be lying.

First up is our Facebook page. The person with the brilliant idea to set it up was Matt Conlon (may his tribe increase!) If you haven't been to the Facebook page yet, go there NOW. I see no reason for you not to like it, so LIKE it, please. Tell others about its fantasmagorical grooviness. And if you see anybody from Target lurking there, invite them in for an asskicking.

Fellow bloggers with good intent are listed in the order in which they posted their thoughts.

IT is one heck of a nice guy, and I appreciate his being the first blog to kick it off this year.

Messy Mimi may be just that, but if you ever want to know what you should be celebrating on any given day, visit her. She makes lists. So, if anybody knows which holiday belongs where, it's her. And she says THANKSGIVING COMES FIRST!

One of my favorite folks on teh intertubes (and one I've actually had the pleasure of meeting because he was fool enough to come to one of my softball games) is (not my uncle, but he may be yours) Skip. Go to his place and join him in growling!

Warmtears93 did a YouTube vid.

My Swell Pal, Cricket, has re-posted his most excellent piece. This is not meant as a slight toward any of the other fine folk here, but his is one of the best pieces of writing, concerning Thanksgiving, EVER. It deserves way more praise than I can give it here.

Kat says even her kids know it's wrong!

Tilting At Windmills (how appropriate!) reminds us that we have things to be thankful for all the time.

My good buddy, Buck (who is the nicest retired Master Sergeant in New Mexico, despite his protestations whenever I say that), has re-posted his piece from years past. He makes his own allusions to Don Q and Panza.

The absolutely wonderful Hilary, at The Smitten Image, named us her Post Of The Week! Woo-Hoo!

Life On The Funny Farm asks us to slow it down a bit and remember our blessings. I couldn't agree more.

The Old AF Sarge, at Chant du Depart, says funny things and pithy things. He also compares me to a Brazilian soccer star (Come on! Go there! You know you want to know why!)

The wonderful Barbara Shallue (there may be other Barbara Shallue's out there, so I need to be specific) has written about our cause in her inimitable grace-filled style.

Kaz, a friendly sparring partner of mine from Universal Hub, sent this cookie:

(Apparently, a woman who works in a cookie store, in a mall that starts playing Christmas music way too early, had enough. She made the cookie in protest.)

Three Hundred Sixty Five, a nice follower of ours for a long time, added her two cents.

Joan, at Grandma's Recipe Box, gave links to this blog and to Cricket. Well done!

And Lisa Johnson, of Anali's First Amendment, mentioned both the Facebook page and this blog in her blog! Yay!

One person I must mention is Jeni, at Down River Drivel. She has had the "logo" on her sidebar for ages. I'm sure I'm missing some others who have done likewise. Feel free to let me know about my blindness!

And JUST ADDED, as of 12:38pm, Lisa McColgan, who has filled a niche by composing a Thanksgiving Comes First POEM! Woo-Hoo!

JUST ADDED at 12:56 - Michelle Hickman has her post up!

And now, the best news I've heard all day: A Canadian chain store has bowed to customer's wishes to not play Christmas music too early! Good for them, and good for the people who let them know how they felt about it! Here's the story at CNN.

Thanks, all, for the superb efforts. If you wrote something that I missed listing here, I beg your forgiveness. Let me know about it and I'll add it in on the next round-up.

Yes, there will be at least one more TCF round-up, so please write. Let me know when you have. I try to search these things on Google, but I'd hate to miss your contribution.

Until then, THANK YOU.

Soon, with more (of your) better stuff.


i beati said...

The cartoon is priceless

Jeni said...

Liked and Shared this on Facebook, Jim! I'll get my post up and running hopefully, in the very near future!

Daryl said...

i am having such fun .. every blog i visit that mentions Christmas gets a comment from me that begins: Thanksgiving Comes First .. and i've taken this to a new level on Instagram ... i started a #ThanksgivingComesFirst hash tag and add to any photo that is even remotely about Christmas .. i am sure i am being cussed out but hey its a cause i believe in .. xox

Kat said...

Yeah! I love all the joiners! I'm off to read and comment! :)

Karen said...

I liked the FB page!

Michelle H. said...

I joined the cause:

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

I was first?
Heck, I was only trying to be biggest

Buck said...

Well, you've more than doubled the amount o' time I spend on the blogs for today. That's a good thang.

Daryl said...

tomorrow Toonman has a toon scheduled just for you!

lime said...

you know i could not agree more. my kids know the music and movies are banned in this house from the time school starts until after thanksgiving. i'll get this year's post together eventually too. just not there yet.

stephen Hayes said...

I must say you sure are passionate about this Thanksgiving before Christmas issue. Battle on, mighty warrior!

Jimmy said...

I say that I agree with you 100% my Friend, Thanksgiving does in fact come before Christmas but yet the advertizing of Christmas goods comes way before Halloween, I may have to get on the bandwagon here :)

Jackie said...

I bought something with which to make your favorite Christmas cake. Oooops! Perhaps I should have waited. :))) The pineapple and cherries are out on the shelves...and I'm supposing I could pretend they are for Thanksgiving. Yes. I will do just that. They are for your Thanksgiving cake...which will arrive closer to Christmas. :)))))
Sending you smiles, my friend.

Lisa Johnson said...

So glad that there are others who feel the same way. I'm no grinch, but Thanksgiving comes first! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm letting you know about your blindness - I left the logo up all year! But I'll confess that I haven't updated it to link to this year's post. Oops! Thanks for differentiating me from the other Barbara Shallue's out there, by the way. But mostly thanks for starting this whole thing going!

Hilary said...

Glad to see all this support coming your way, Jim. Cool about Shopper's Drug Mart (they're everywhere) but I can't say that I've ever noticed music of any kind in their stores.

Suldog said...

Jackie - You're too sweet!

Here's the thing, and I think it needs saying: I have nothing against people prepping early for Christmas. It's only the greedy merchants, with no regard for what the day really means, who piss me off. They shuttle Thanksgiving to the side because it doesn't add much to their bottom line. And that's who we're battling here, not kind folks like you who think of others with love.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

The TCF image is a year-round item at my place, too. Of course it's so cluttered you'd have to hunt for it.

Unknown said...

Before the Christmas hype and all. We all have to celebrate Thanksgiving. We should be grateful of all that we have.
seo taunton

Three Hundred Sixty Five said...

I absolutely love the Facebook page! Awesome, and great for the cause.

My boss, in an attempt to play music without commercials, has a Pandora subscription. When Christmas music comes on, all I have to do is run to his office and hit the thumbs down button. I guess it works, although I had to do this nearly a dozen times in one day.

Kitty said...

Woo! I totally agree, Thanksgiving would be a lot more exciting and fun if it wasn't overshadowed by Christmas every year. And even though I'm not Christian, I still think Christmas is about more than commercialism.

It's not particularly entertaining, but I posted about TCF on my blog -