Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Comes First (So I'm Giving Thanks!)

(Image once again courtesy of Thanksgiving Corner.)

Please GO HERE for 2008.


Anonymous said...

On a happier note, I was at Williams Sonoma this evening and am pleased to report that their smallish displays of Christmas stuff - for the time being - were in the far left corner at the rear of the store. It's all Thanksgiving there, otherwise. No Christmas music, no tinsel, no ornaments.

I actually made it a point to thank the sales associate that rang up my purchase.

Rob said...

Thank you! Thank you for this voice of reason and sanity. I have just created a Thanksgiving First post, I hope it is satisfactory. Here is my link if you care to link it;

TV is on, i am amazed at the number of commercials for Christmas already airing. Then again, I am not amazed, perhaps annoyed.

The Twin Cities are Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Mississippi River separates the two cities. I happen to reside in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis.

Suldog said...

Lisa - An important point! We should thank those merchants who do the right thing!

Dusty - Thanks! I read it, and it's good stuff.

Genuine Lustre said...

Keep spreading the good word!
And for Christians who are following the liturgical calendar - we still have the penetential season of Advent to go thru - that runs from Dec. 1 to Christmas itself. AND THEN it's the 12 day of Christmas.