Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For This Retailer, Thanksgiving Came First

While I was on my Thanksgiving vacation, I did some thinking about how we could best get our "Thanksgiving Comes First" message to take hold and have an effect. One idea I had was that it would probably be better to encourage stores to hold off on advertising, rather than to threaten them. What I mean is, we could promise our buying dollars to those who make an honest effort to forego advertising, as opposed to withholding our dollars from those who do advertise.

With that in mind, let me show you something wonderful:

Nordstrom's decided to celebrate Thanksgiving First. They did this all on their lonesome, I believe - although it's a kick to think that maybe we had some effect.

Therefore, I'd like to ask you to support Nordstrom's with your buying dollars this Christmas season. If you drop by their website (NORDSTROM'S) you'll find a customer service contact form. It would be really cool if those of you who wrote "Thanksgiving Comes First" blogs sent them a line or two telling them that you appreciate their stance, and that you'll drop a few dollars into their coffers as the opportunity presents itself. It never hurts to say "Thank You" to those who are helping your cause.

And again, with that in mind, Thanks to you!

I'll be back tomorrow with the story I promised you yesterday, Pointy The Poinsettia. Contain your anticipation as you are able.


David Sullivan said...


lime said...

excellent! yay for nordstrom's!!!

FHB said...

That's cool. I'm already sick to death of Christmas music.

david mcmahon said...

Consider it contained.

Only just!!!

Melinda said...

Oh how cool is that?!

Glad to hear that such a great store is taking a stand that way - if I can find some extra money to buy from them online (we don't have them here), I'll definitely do so :)

Chuck said...

Definitely a COOL move on Nordstrom's part. If I actually dare to venture to the mall this holiday season, I'll keep them in mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by, Jim! I'll check out the site.