Tuesday, April 10, 2007

End Of Lunch Hour Theater

I have five minutes before my lunch hour is over. I am going to create a short scene, right now, and it must end at 1pm. Here goes:

(Time: 12:55pm, April 10th, 2007)

(Setting: Newton, a suburb of Boston. Erica and Alexander are sitting on a couch.)

Erica: Alexander, why are we sitting on this couch?

Alexander: I don't know, Erica, but if Suldog had given us shorter names, he'd be able to give us more lines before 1:00, don't you think?

Erica: Yes, I suppose so.

Alexander: Well, then let's change our names. I'll be Ed. How about you?

Erica: Ed is nice. Can I be Ed, too?

Ed: No, no, we can't both be Ed. Then how would the readers tell us apart?

Erica: I'd be the one with the boobs.

Ed: But they can't see you, so that wouldn't work. Why don't you be Amy?

Erica: Amy? That's not too bad, I guess. OK, I'll be Amy.

Ed: Good. I'm glad that's settled. Now, what shall we talk about, Amy?

Amy: Oh, I don't know. How about


Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a second! You got me all sucked into the drama, and then you just disappear on me. What th--

Suldog said...

Yeah, I'm sorry about that, Rhea. Time just ran ou

Melinda said...

bwhahahaha! Thanks for the laugh.

Dude, you're totally

Suldog said...

Well, I know I am, but what are y

David Sullivan said...

Who is cheating on who and who is pregnant? I want more!!
This is my favorite soap right after General Hospital!!

fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com said...

I'd lov

Suldog said...

Oh, sure, easy for you to s

Lisa Johnson said...

I can't wait to see what happens next!!

Peter N said...

Sul...hi. last night a true star was born...his name...Felix Hernandez, only 21! He was amazing. And our Daisuke was just fine.....thanks for your comment. Always!!!

Peter N said...

It's early, too. I'm here! Great post, by the way.