Monday, February 05, 2007

What's It Worth To You?

Some of you saw a post I wrote on Friday, in reply to a review of this blog. I've taken it down and thrown it away. I decided that I really didn't want to give those people any traffic, even by way of a post detailing their inadequacies. To those of you who read it and commented so complimentarily, I thank you.

One worthwhile thing those bozos did was spur me to think about what I'm doing here. I think that, too often, I've been seeking your approval. My writing should entertain you, not act as a vehicle for some sort of validation. I certainly love to get comments telling me that I made you laugh or that I touched you or whatever else my writing may have done - induced vomiting, perhaps. However, getting those comments shouldn't be my reason for writing. I should write because I enjoy it. If someone else enjoys it, so much the better.

(After getting that horrible review, I spent a few hours this weekend reading my stuff. I'm a damned good writer, overall. I sometimes get lazy, though, and put stuff out here that I would not have published if I didn't have the ability to publish immediately. I should take the time to re-read with a critical eye before publishing and I don't do that often enough. If I have a glaring fault, that's it. I mean, aside from all the parentheses.)

Anyway, I am what I am - as the noted philosopher Popeye was wont to say - and since most of you seem to like me, I'm not concerned about reviews from people who use Bratz rip-offs as their avatars.

And now, here's some poetry!

What's It Worth To You?

Once I found a nickel
I was rich (or so I thought)
I went down to Charlie's
Oh! The candy that I bought!
First thing, four mint juleps
Always two for just one cent
Next, a root beer barrel
Three cents was all I'd spent
Last, Bazooka Joe gum
Two pieces, to last the day
(It came with a comic
A "fortune", and send away
Just three hundred wrappers
To get some x-ray glasses
See through ladie's dresses
and see the ladie's asses!!!)
Could have saved that nickel
And been rich another day
That would have been stupid
Just like throwing it away
Each day with that nickel
Then the older I would be
The older I became
What's a nickel worth to me?
So, I spent it wisely
On some stuff that brought me joy
Each day, we find a nickel
We should spend it like a boy


Stu said...

First, Root Beer Barrels rock so hard!!

Second, stop it. Stop reading reviews of your work. Don't even read this comment, where I mention what an entertaining and poignant writer you are. Ignore it all and write from your heart.

Third, how's your bird?

Anonymous said...

If I'd saved all the money I'd spent on candy as a kid I'd probably have a downpayment on a house by now :-D

That Bazooka Joe, what a card.

Peter N said...

I was a Double Bubble fan as a wee lad...fireballs too! Although now they would be banned because they were little smaller than a ping pong ball, and almost as big. A choking hazard? I'm sure they were, but they sure tasted good!
Sul, I'm sorry for not having much time to visit enough...I am very loyal to my blog friend. I hope all is well, the Colts were the better team, and I will catch up on your so great writing really soon...Peter...promise......

Peter N said...

And Stu, Sul does NOT have to think about his writing, all he has to do is WRITE. He has that oh so uncommon ability to make it seem that there is a person reading to us, bringing smiles, tears and happiness. Sul....I know you know that!! I hope you hear me????????

BklynSoxFan said...

Anyone who puts Bazooka Joe in his poetry is cool in my book.

You're the Man, Suldog.

Suldog said...


And, Stu? My bird is just ducky, thank you.

Johnny C. said...

A few months back I asked Magazine Man to tell me who he likes to read blog-wise. He replied back with a short list and you were on it. So I bookmarked you.

I haven't read much of what you write, but what I have read was good.

I don't know you and you don't know me, so I think it's a fair assumption to say that i'm pretty objective regarding my thoughts on your blog.

Keep up the good work!

Suldog said...

If MM had me on a short list, that's high praise. Having me on a short leash probably makes more sense.


Johnny C. said...

I noticed the Popeye quotes too...kinda creeped me out considering I don't think most people quote Popeye and if you do, you really can only quote about three things max.

Melinda said...

Sully, you know already that I think you're a fantastic writer (and person), and I'm glad you're not going to listen to people who obviously have no taste at all in reading material.

I loved your poem - except that I would have bought Gummy Bears instead. :)

Suldog said...

(This is a reply to sent to someone who responded privately, but I think it says what I need to say to all of you, to wrap this up, so I'm using it here, too.)

Thanks very much for the kind words.

The hell of it is that I shouldn't have responded at all. They lit my fuse on Friday afternoon and I went off on them. Then I went home. I steamed a bit more and then realized that I had done the stupidest thing I could have done, which was to defend myself from the attack of those dopes. Not having internet access at home, I couldn't remove the post unless I made a trip back to the office and I had no time for that.

Anyway, I've worked many years in a business where subjectivity rules. If someone doesn't like your voice or your delivery, you move on. You have to know your own self-worth and have confidence in your ability to impress the next person. The same goes for writing, so you might think that I'd have learned that lesson well enough to apply it in this context. Nope.

(gives self a dope slap)

I'm better now.

Sassy said...

I totally missed the review...I have been in a blog vortex lately because I'm so busy.

But, whatever it said - screw 'em. I love what you write, even if I am just a lurker most of the time. However, I know how you feel. Hence why I turned on comment moderation - so if I get nasty ones, I don't have to publish them!

Stu said...

Here's an idea: Use the negative review as marketing material! Add a link to the review, with a big banner headline that says "Teen-age Girls Don't Get Me, Which Means I Must Be Doing Something Right!" ;-)

Essentially, and sincerely, what I'm saying is, the next time this happens (and a writer of your magnitude will eventually get a book deal and will receive at least one less-than positive review), Fly in the teeth of it. Shove it down their throats by smiling and saying "Thanks For Reading".

Have you (or anyone who reads this public comment) seen "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle"? If so, remember what Kumar said, "Thank You, Come Again." ;-)

You are an extremely talented writer, talented enough where I continually have pangs of jealousy when I read your essays. Keep writing. Don't read the reviews. Except for mine.

Anonymous said...

I have to say... I am still going back to that site. To read all the comments. Because they are getting so intensely beaten down by everyone. They're in bunkers now. Artillery coming from all sides. Bleeding from many wounds. It's hilarious.

They're a "review site". They are putting out "reviews". And then when they get "reviewed" right back, they are getting WAAAAAAY more defensive than anyone they are reviewing.


Anyways... you know you're The Man.

Suldog said...

I do have to say that I like how they ripped off portions of their website from others and got caught.

You are all way too kind. I now have to live up to such praise. Thanks a bunch...

Lisa Johnson said...

I missed everything that happened on Friday, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Whoever those people were, they didn't know what they were talking about.

You are a great writer and never doubt that! But you cannot please all of the people all of the time, no matter what. Just enjoy doing what you do!

Unknown said...

Hey Suldog - I enjoy reading here, so phooey on those reviewers.