Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow Time Like The Present

Yesterday, Boston got 10 or 12 or 14 inches of snow; something like that. It just kept coming and coming and coming until the entire metro area was covered in the stuff.

NOT the result of yesterday's storm. This was my street when I was about five or six.
Still, it's about what our street in Watertown looks like now. Woo-Hoo.

Or you could break my heart, go someplace else, and totally ignore what I have to say about snow.

However, I know what kind of person you are. I have faith in you. So, I thank you in advance.

(If it turns out you're a rotten bastard who will leave me crying in the snow, forget the thanks.)

Soon, with more better weather.


joeh said...

Plus, even though it is politically incorrect to say it out- loud, most of us love the snow, even with the convenience.

The Broad said...

Snow is magical -- when it first falls and is pristine and untouched. And I love the sound of snow that squeaks as you walk on it. But I really hate it when it's -25F and the inside of your nose goes frosty and no matter what your hands get cold and you have to help shovel! By March, however, one is really ready for Spring and snow in April is sloppy and depressing -- but fortunately doesn't stay around for long. But having said all that, at least there are no bugs... xo

messymimi said...

Yes, it could be worse. At least with snow, if you want, you can get some fun out of it in the form of snowballs.

Craig said...

See, I come from where there's snow, and I loved it, growing up. Digging tunnels, building snow forts, etc, etc. And I love the muffled quiet after a big snowfall. . . (Driving in it, I hate with a passion, but that's a different story. . .)

Michigan is probably pretty comparable to Mass. in terms of relative absence of horrible natural disasters. We probably have fewer hurricanes than you do, but more tornadoes. And we will occasionally have a house slide down the face of a dune, but we tend to ascribe that to the stupidity of the person who would build his house, you know, on the sand. . .

And we do have some pretty amazing mosquitoes in the northern parts of the state, but only from June-August. . .