Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well, Here We Are Again

And, in just a moment, I'll be sending you someplace else - which is what I do about three out of four times on this blog now and I apologize for that.

(Of course, if I was really and truly sorry, I just wouldn't do it to you at all anymore. Oh, well. An insincere apology is better than none, I suppose.)

So, anyway, I had an adventure on Saturday involving Japanese people and trolleys. If you follow me on Facebook - and why wouldn't you - you may have seen this photo...

In today's Boston Herald, I tell the story behind it. So, uh... go and read it, OK?

Here's a link that will get you there! I hope you enjoy the read.

See you next time (maybe even with writing that doesn't make you travel out of town to read it!)

Soon, with more better stuff.


messymimi said...

They don't promote it better because it doesn't put money directly into their pockets. At least, if it were Louisiana, that would be the reason.

Shammickite said...

What a great experience for those lucky tourists. If I ever come to visit Boston, I'd like you to take me on the very same tour. And meanwhile, you should post a picture of the T so people like me (who don't live in Mass) know what you are describing.
BTW when you first said trolley, I thought you meant a shopping cart.

The Broad said...

There are cities in Europe that are now bringing the trolleys/trams back! If they were here in Southport, the whole look of the town would be transformed.

I just love the sound of your T driver. What a great advertisement for Boston, combined with you -- a winning combination! xo

joeh said...

Sometimes even a home run does not make financial sense on paper and to paper pushers...keep up the battle, things like your trolley are priceless. And if Tim ever retires I'll bet you would gladly fill the bill, driving and talking while blogging and freelancing.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

It may not be like "little cable cars going halfway to the stars," but it sure sounds like an enjoyable journey that only needs to be pitched to the right people.
They would probably be Tourist and convention folks rather than "T" execs.

Daryl said...

what a fun adventure ... and a good way to promote keeping the trolley