Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I know Halloween isn't until tomorrow night. However, my Halloween column runs today in the Boston Herald, so...

That's about all I have for you. I could make up a whole bunch of lies about how I wish I had something for you to read here, instead of having to send you all the way over there to read my stuff, but I'm glad they're paying me and I like to think you're a good enough friend that you don't mind too much if I'm having some success and you have to travel a little so I have food on my table.

If I keep having as much success as I'm currently having, I'll even be able to afford some plates and I won't have to keep putting the food on my table!

OK, you didn't deserve a joke that crummy. I'm sorry. For a joke that bad, you should probably teach me a lesson and go away. Why, here's someplace you can go right now! How handy!

(No sense hanging around here. All I've got left for you here is an illiterate ending.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


P.S. Boo!


messymimi said...

Not all clowns are scary, and i will give candy to any child who comes to ask, no matter the costume. No need to make the Great Neighborhood Candy Exchange into something political.

Shammickite said...

Hmmmm, wonder if there will be any Donalds or Hillarys coming to the door up here in good ol' Canada..... That would be really scary!

joeh said...

Great advice on hiding your political view on Halloween, in my area most people are doing it in fear of retribution anyway. I the last three weeks I've seen only 7 on lawns and one bumper sticker. In years past I would see that many in just a few blocks and tons of bumper stickers.

I like candy corn, but as you know, fruitcake is the best.

I think it is time for you to start on a book.

Suldog said...

Mimi - My true sentiments, exactly.

Sham - You Canadians are so wonderfully nice, though, that you'd probably give those kids extra treats.

Joe - Shhhhhh. I'm floating along here on the edge of actually working and hoping nobody notices. Don't give me away.

Craig said...

You make it sound like a witch or a zombie would be a different thing than Hillary or Trump. . .


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Be thankful you have a table and don't have to eat from the floor

Absolut Ruiness said...

I think people dont mind kiddy-sized clowns. Grown ass 7' high clown is totally creepy. Similarly a 5 year old Trump with orange face and blond wig will look adorable. A 60 year old with the same mannerisms, not so much. Did you watch the Melania interview where she compared her husbands trash talk to that of 17 yr old boys locker room talk?