Friday, September 02, 2011

Future Plans For This Space

This entry will be relatively short and hopelessly humorless. I'm going to outline my plans for the immediate future of this blog. Please bear with me.

As promised (threatened?) I've begun trimming down my sidebar. Links to blogs that have not published during the previous 45 days, and links to blogs that don't have a return link to this blog, have been deleted. I've also lopped off a couple of other less-significant doodads; links to some of my other pages here. The deletion of awards will start happening soon, leading off with those that only link back to dead blogs and those that don't link to anything at all. Those that link to good friends will stay a few days longer, but they will also eventually bite the dust.

I want to be perfectly clear about something. If you feel that you should be linked here, but you aren't, I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate your friendship. It's possible I may have been mistaken when I dropped your link. For instance, perhaps you've published something in the past couple of days and you deserve reinstatement. Or maybe you actually do have a link to me on your own sidebar. Maybe I was a goon and missed it. Or maybe I've just been totally unaware that you had a link to me in the first place. In any case, I want to be sure that no one feels unfairly slighted. Tell me about it if you feel I've been unfair. I'd appreciate it, and I'll make things right if so merited.

(Wow. This is about as ridiculously self-important a post as I've ever written. Sorry!)

Once things are cleaned up on the front page, I'll be going through the backlog and deleting a few hideous things. While I'm re-reading stuff, and deciding what will stay and what will go, this space will see the republication of some of my favorite pieces. I'll be putting them out here in more-or-less chronological order until such time as I finish the deletions. Then I'll be back with some fresh stuff.

(I hope you'll forgive me for the re-runs. If you're somewhat new here, they may be totally new to you! In any case, they will be things I'm proud to have written, and I hope they prove enjoyable, whether your first viewing or not.)

I will, of course, be visiting my favorite reads during all of this, and leaving the same inane comments I've always left.

That's about it! Re-runs begin Tuesday. After a while, it will be, as always...

Soon, with more better stuff.


Hilary said...

If I put as much effort into housecleaning as you're putting into blog cleaning... I wouldn't have time to sit here and read blogs. ;)

Daryl said...

What Hilary said ..

As long as you dont stop posting you have my permission (how's that for ridiculously self important tho it really is all about me) to clean house, er, blog.

Anonymous said...

What Daryl and Hilary said. And wow! I made the cut, still on your sidebar. I am humbled by the honour.


Anonymous said...

"Tell me about it if you feel I've been unfair. I'd appreciate it, and I'll make things right if so merited."

You HAVE been very unfair to ME.

I'm too far down on the list in the sidebar.

I look forward to you "making things right" cuz I DO "so merit" it.



Do whatcha gotta do.... it's always a pleasure (and sometimes head hurting when those baseball stats appear hee hee) to read YOUR blog.

Nick said...

What Hilary... and Daryl.. and Haphazardlife... and Quirkyloon ....and...oh, never mind, I forgot what I was going to say.

Suldog said...

I'm glad you said what you did, even if it was mostly in jest, Quirky. It allows me to explain something.

The links in various sections ("USA! USA! USA!", for instance) were put there chronologically. That is, as I decided to link to someone, their link was added to the end of the list. I felt that was fair to those folks who had been with me longer.

Now, if someone, for whatever reason, was removed from the list (not publishing in months, say) and then was added back to the list when they resumed publishing, they would be added back to the bottom of the list.

I don't know if that explanation was needed, but I feel better having taken up shitloads of space to make it. Thanks!

xxxooo (<------ Special Labor Day Kisses And Hugs!)

Clare Dunn said...

What everybody else said...

xoxoxo, cd

Jayne said...

Always sunny Suldog--glad to see you posting post-Irene. All is well in your neck of the woods, thank goodness. ;)

(I'll be back to check out the tweaks.)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Be as self-important as you like, Suldog - You are important!

Glad I've not walked the plank - I might have to have thrown a hissy fit - Not very English, or very attractive - Especially in my case ;)

Good luck with the fall-clean! x

Maggie May said...

Just keep Blogging!!!!!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Uh... were we supposed to respond?

Suldog said...

(Not My) Uncle Skip - Only if you want to, as always!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Enjoy your weekend Jim.

Chris Rodell said...

I'm about to unlink all mine, my friend, so please feel free to reciprocate. I just don't have enough that either return the favor or are worth the time.

Really, I should spend more time reading other fine blogs -- I do read yours -- but I find it difficult trying to keep my own blog fresh and lively and still try and squeeze in a little wage-earning.

So off with their heads! And I'll continue to read your stuff because it's always fun.



messymimi said...

Agreeing with Hilary.

Thank you for leaving the link to me, i have 20 followers now! Yes, i have great respect for people like you who have hundreds.

Whatever you publish, i will read, because i know i will enjoy.

Steve Bailey said...

Time for a little fall cleaning huh? I say get rid of em all... delete everybody and then laugh and laugh and laugh...

Just another anonymous a-hole

Eddie Bluelights said...

Please don't ex-communicate me! LOL I am just glad you are still in BlogLand. Looking forward to seeing the revamped blog. Hope to receive many more 'inane' or is it 'insane' comments LOL Cheers, Buddy

silly rabbit said...

Ha! As I was reading this some of the words kept vanishing... then I realized they were just clocked by a bug on my glasses.
Go ahead and do your thing. I'm sure I will enjoy the reposts and maybe read some I haven't read.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Jeni said...

Ah Jim -I don't see your former headliner -"Thanksgiving Comes First" on your sidebar! As important a piece of work that is, how can you not leave it up there in a place of honor?
Also, a blogger friend of mine -Bud, at Older Eyes -may be stopping by to visit. I told him to mention my name at your place and you'd get him a good seat. (My apologies that in the post I did tonight -in which I mentioned you and your place a lot, I didn't link back to your blog -mainly because in a post like that one, I'm only allowed to have ONE link! Sorry about that, but I'll make it up to you -someday!)

Jeni said...

Oh and now a question for you too. How come, on my reader, you showed up as having two posts -this one and one about Etiquette of Dating but when I clicked into the Etiquette post, it comes up as being "non-existent?" Just wondering what's the deal there, Buddy!

CiCi said...

I never paid attention to your sidebar anyway.
I recently deleted lots from my sidebar too. Oh the power.

Alice said...

Hey Jim!!

good to know you will be revisiting some old crackers (!)

and talking of which, if you follow this link to 'alice' you will find my (fff) new blog/ you commented you would like to follow me one life ends and another begins, to avoid certain ex and co knowing my business I have moved to this new place and my aka is 'alice' but l know most of my olde faithfuls are fully aware of who l am...(even if l'm not!!)

its envigorating and exciting starting over here..

hoep you drop by sometime soon...

lots luv
'alice' xxx

Shammickite said...

Well, I seem to have survived the sidebar slaughter so far!
Or haven't you actually got going in earnest with your vacuum and feather duster yet?
And if there are re-runs in this blogs future, please please please don't re-run the baseball stats!

Michelle H. said...

Still cleaning? I like a man who doesn't need nagged over doing mundane chores. Whenever you're finished here, I got a closet at home that needs attention. I'll send directions to get here.

Shrinky said...

Crikey, this place sure looks sparkly clean - I'm impressed. As for the re-runs, you already know I'm the re-post Queen, and for the record, ALL your posts are well worth a second read, and like you say, there are always new folk dropping by, why deny them the delightful pleasure of reading some of your bestest nuggets?

Go for it!

Joan said...

Hope you are having a nice, relaxful week-end.
I rearrange my design on my blog often, but I think I like it now. LOL Now, is the leading word in that statement.
Heading your way next week. Make sure there is no humidity for me. :)

Suldog said...

Jeni - Well, by the time you read this, the "dating" post should be up (or shortly thereafter.) I mistakenly hit "Publish" when it wasn't ready. It is the first of the re-prints and will be available today (Tuesday) for your enjoyment or torment.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I too just did the old clean out & clean up of my blog. Despite how you may feel about it, your link isn't going anywhere my friend!

I just took the past month off from blogging to get my head together in my new home...what purged out today is hopefully the start of something amazing. Or maybe I'll take another month off. Who knows.

Either way, thanks for keeping my link alive over here. Oh & btw, it should be a self-important is your blog after all ;-)