Monday, November 09, 2009

Thanksgiving Comes First - Addendum

(If you don't like methamphetamine, go to the place from which I stole this cartoon. They could use your help, I'm sure. If you like methamphetamine, I stole this cartoon from a place that's trying to wipe out your buzz.)

Pleasurable housekeeping time. I need to acknowledge some folks who did their bit in connection with THANKSGIVING COMES FIRST.

Here are the folks who posted TCF pieces since the time of my original 'thank you' posting. Again, many thanks to all who have helped!

Pat, at An Arkansas Stamper, came through for me. Thanks, Pat!

A double helping! Uncle Skip (not really my uncle, but he is somebody's) put the logo up for all to see at Rants And Musings, and also at LionSkip.

My lovely friend, Lime, posted a beautiful piece. It expresses my own sentiments exactly, as well as giving some very interesting and kind reasons of her own for wanting Thanksgiving not to be shunted aside.

Ali P, at My Pod 2, turned me on to this song... The Way Too Early Christmas Song!

The superbly-talented Janine, at Sniffles & Smiles, added the logo to her sidebar.

Kathryn, at Tender Graces, has posted a swell idea to promote other bloggers and such. Very much in the spirit of things, and you should take a look.

Chris Stone kinda sorta added a voice to the fray.

We have a Facebook page! Go HERE.

Once again, if I've missed anyone's contribution, please let me know ASAP. I'll add you on.

And, since all good deeds (that benefit me) should be rewarded without limit, here's a re-run of the folks who helped out earlier:

Desmond Jones directed me to a past post of his that is in the spirit.

Dr. Grumpy had an open letter to President Obama asking that something be done.

My Dedham News, a friend from past campaigns, came through again.

Ananda Girl, at Oodles Of Funch, gave us the good write up!

The entirely lovely Thimbelle, from Creeping Towards Normal, re-ran her piece from last year, one of my absolute favorites. I really love it, and urge everybody to read it.

My good buddy, Buck, from Exile In Portales, posted this. And remember, if you really want to show some thanks, in a concrete way, to some folks who could really use your help, go to the Valour-IT site and make a contribution. There are only three days left!

My Darker Gray Friend, Michelle, at The Surly Writer wrote a somewhat bittersweet piece. Go there and cheer her up, damn it!

My buddy from The Great White North, Jazz, at Haphazard Life, posted this wonderful piece. I especially liked the cartoon.

Diana, from Garden On The Edge somehow managed to work in the subject on her gardening blog. God bless her!

3GirlKnight at By God's Good Grace! certainly graced me.

Brinkbeest, who is wonderfully Dutch, and thus, while in sympathy, has more of a desire to see Sinterklaas come first, which you'll understand when you read it... Hmmmmmmmmm. I seem to have gotten lost in my own sentence construction. Imagine how you feel! Anyway, just go there. You'll understand.

Uncle Skip (once again, not really my uncle) at Rants And Musings had this post. He wanted Halloween to come first. I've been told that it did, but there was little evidence to support the proposition in our neighborhood. ONE kid came to our door! Maybe we should have given out candy rather than turnip?

Sarah, at the whimsically-named Que Sarah Sarah, has the logo posted on her sidebar.

So many fine people willing to help! Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

Soon, with more better stuffing, giblets, and gravy.

More reading material for you: Since I originally posted, Jeni, at Down River Drivel, posted THIS.

And Linda, at Are we There Yet, posted THIS.

Both nice women, who have written nice pieces. Thank you, ladies!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Jim, you are truly a generous man!!! What a lot of work to link to all those who did their bit to help! Thank YOU!! It is an honor to help in such a small way! And a facebook page? Hurrah!! What an excellent idea! Today is not my day for commenting...but when I saw your truly, thoughtful post and very kind words, I had to come and express my deep appreciation! Have a terrific week, Jim...You are a wonderful person! Hugs, Janine

Michelle H. said...

You're on Facebook! You sure are expanding your range to all social mediums.

Kudos, MLGf, for being so commendable and taking such efforts for making this cause reach as many people as possible.

Chris Stone said...

lol. I'll try again with the "Thanksgiving comes first" post. Sometime. lol. and will check out everyone else's!

and congrats on the Facebook page.

Ananda girl said...

Yeah... lots of like-mided stuffs to read. I have a bit of time on my hands this afternoon... this is where I will be spending it. Thanks for the mention Suldog... this year I think you're one of the things I'll remember to be thankful for.

Buck said...

I've noticed the deluge of Christmas ads on teevee since Halloween and I am NOT pleased. It may be small beer but each and every one of those asshats are getting nasty-ass letters from me. But... sigh... they NEVER reply.

lime said...

it makes me smile to think how many people are in accord here.


Hilary said...

I hope it has a positive effect for you.

Ragtop Day said...

Oh, man! I meant to do a post when you mentioned this before, and didn't do it in time - I didn't know there was a grace period! For the record, even my kids were shocked that Christmas stuff was out in stores even before Halloween, and if kids think it's wrong, well let me tell you, it's wrong!

Knucklehead said...

Sorry I missed the celebration. I've been too busy celebrating another gala event, which involves pinstripes, shiny rings, and crow-eating Philadelphia shortstops.

Thanksgiving Comes First! Hoorah!

Anonymous said...

No giblets, thank you. Stuffing and gravy, absolutely.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thumbelina said...

Your infamy knows no bounds!

("Infamy! Infamy! They've got it infamy [in-for-me]!")
(UK residents who watch Carry On films will get that one. Apologies to anyone who doesn't. Google Carry On films and some one will tell you.)

Sorry. Clogging up your comments again. You are good at good causes my friend!

Jeni said...

I've really been lax in this effort -although I have made a few comments here and there about it, I still haven't managed to do a post of my own as yet. Been way too busy and bogged down with church funeral dinners and our Fall Bazaar at our church too in addition to my regular crafting stuff as well. But things will calm down a bit now for the next week or so -at least I hope so anyway!
But I've also seen a few others of the bloggers I visit who have included thoughts along the same line as yours on Thanksgiving Comes First, even though they probably werent'/aren't aware of your efforts. I'll get there though and soon.

Linda said...

Hi there, I have stopped by via Jeni's Down River Drivel post of today about your "Thanksgiving Comes First" campaign.

Apparently, quite by accident, I posted along a similar vein this past Monday about my frustration with the holidays all blending together. I guess that it sort of kind of falls into the same line as your efforts here to not leave Thanksgiving out.

It's nice to see that I am not the only one who is fed up with the retailers and the way they shove Christmas down our throats before we've even had a chance to sample the Thanksgiving turkey.

Good luck in your efforts!