Thursday, December 05, 2019

Back In The Saddle

Recently, I was asked to do some professional voice-over work. Since I hadn't done any in (mumble, mumble) years, it was a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, I did it and here is the result. The intro and closing credits are read by me.

It's fun stuff. If anyone else has work for me, drop me a line at

My thanks to Planet Carnival for using me.

Soon, with more better stuff (maybe).


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I am so glad to see your post today. I have appreciated your blog posts in the past and am glad to see you're doing some work you're obviously good at. (hope you don't mind I skipped Jackie's part)

It's been a tough year for you and others. I'm just glad to see you've managed to make it through.

Hope THE WIFE is doing well.

Craig said...

Good for you, Jim!

Just remember that here in Michigan, 'Milan' is pronounced 'MY-lun', not 'mi-LAHN'. . . :)

Shammickite said...

Hey Jim, it is neat-o to hear your voice, you definitely have that news anchor diction, super! You should be reading the news on the local radio.... or at least the sports report.

It' said...

First of all, wow! You have a wonderful voice! Secondly, it is great to read a post and know that you are getting on. I miss ya. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!