Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Magazine Man Returns

If you scroll down and look at the left side of this blog, you'll see a sidebar headed "More Stuff To Read". In it, I have listed some of my favorite bloggers. At the top is a blurb reading...

The Best Stuff EVER On The Internet - An Inspiration To Me, As A Writer - Mostly Hilarious, Sometimes Touching, Always Excellent

Understand that I've kept that blurb, and the accompanying link, as the first on that list despite the author having not blogged in FOUR YEARS. That's how much I admire that person's talent. That's how much I want you to go there and read his stuff.

His nom de plume is Magazine Man, and his blog is Somewhere on the Masthead. And I'm happy to announce that he has a new entry available for reading. To say that I was pleased to see something new from him is like saying children are somewhat fond of Christmas. What I was, was rabidly overjoyed. I dove into it and devoured it. I hope you'll do the same.

(As I commented over there, the subject matter of his latest is not my favorite. However, as also noted, ANYTHING by him is a joy to read. I mean that. He could write about ancient Egyptian hydraulics and I'd hang on every word. His talent is immense and he should have been rendered fabulously wealthy by now because of it. So far as I know, though, he isn't a multi-millionaire and that's just another example of the inherent injustice of life.)

I strongly suggest you follow up your read of his latest by exploring his backlog. You'll be tied up for months and probably never visit me again (except to thank me for my having turned you on to him.) Your first follow-up should be In Which My Secret Origin As A Super-Villain Is Revealed, which pulls off the amazing feat of being both scary and outrageously hilarious at the same time. That piece was the first I ever read by him. I'm positive you'll find yourself scared for him, at first, and then laughing out loud a short time later. After that, go back to the beginning of his stuff and start reading forward. You'll be introduced to his family, his magnificently faithful dog, his adventures in self-injury, and all of the other things that made many of us hang on his every written word. Then, after a short while, you'll wonder why in hell his stuff is just sitting out here on a blog for free and some publisher hasn't done the right thing by offering him gazillions of dollars.

OK, I've said enough. Go, enjoy.

Soon, with more better stuff (but nothing better than what you're about to discover over there.)


messymimi said...

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! you were right--I'm hooked!!! I read the latest entry (the sink hold in the schoolyard) and his encounter with Bell's palsy and I'm hopelessly hooked !!! Thank you for the heads-up. Outstanding writing skills yet so darn funny !!!!! Can't wait to start the rest. Linda in Tn.

Craig said...

Wonderful story; wonderful writing. Thanks, Sully. . .