Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Apologies To Mrs. Hickey

Also to Mr. Doucette and Mr. Russell.

Those were the best teachers I had during my otherwise miserable school years. They deserve a mention, as good and entertaining people, since my piece in today's Boston Herald otherwise makes it sound as though my classrooms were supervised by nothing but ogres and trolls.

Also, I am friends with some teachers - Chris Mauger comes immediately to mind - and if my schooling had been accomplished under the tutelage of such as he, I probably wouldn't be the warped and frustrated individual I am today.

That should cover my ass. Now go read the screed.

Soon, with more better stuff (which phrase proves how much my English classes impressed me...)


messymimi said...

There were times when school was awful, mostly because i was bored.

Now i wouldn't mind the hours or the schedule, as a working stiff i don't get summers off or almost three weeks for Christmas break.

Shammickite said...

I liked school. I went to boarding school, so only went home for holidays and half-term. I liked English, French, History, Geography, science, art. But I hated maths, because I just didn't get it, and the teacher, Miss Brooks, scared me to death. Now I wish I had applied myself a bit more.

joeh said...

I will never forget as a child, gleefully singing out that "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks" ditty.

I also remember very fondly that "Back to School Glow" I got as a parent! As a child, not so much.

Ami said...

Since you've been reading my blog for a long time, you know a bit about what I think regarding our educational system.
Schooling and learning are mutually exclusive.
I have met so many children who'd be better off learning in the world instead of locked away from it.

Have you seen the viral photo of the 'mother' in the swimming pool with a goblet and a big smile while her three children stand on the side decked out in school clothes with new backpacks, looking sad while she celebrates getting rid of them?

It makes me sad.

Barbara said...

I had some awesome teachers, but some pure duds, too, and then had the same experience with my kids. There are so many issues at play. God bless the ones who truly care enough to put up with the drama and politics to do their best.

Craig said...

I was one of those kids who pretty much loved school; it was the locus of lots of positive vibes for me. Your mileage may vary. . .

Credit where it's due - I had some really good teachers, especially in math and science (might have something to do with my career choice. . .)

Altho, our HS Physics teacher had the nickname 'Sominex' among his students. Which seems suitably self-explanatory. . .

Unknown said...

Now I wish I had applied myself a bit more.