Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Obviously, some of you have big family gatherings today, while others may be enjoying some early morning egg-hunting with the kids. And, of course, there is church-going and prayer. The number of Christians who said to themselves, "Hey! Let me see what Jim Sullivan has to say this morning!" is likely low. So, I expect more of my wonderful non-Christian friends may be reading this.

I wonder how many of my wonderful non-Christian friends feel like clicking onto this link and seeing what I have to say, about Easter, over at the Boston Herald?

Maybe a few. If you do go there - or if you're one of my Christian friends who inexplicably is visiting with me this morning and you go there - you'll find a fun story about a friend of mine and his lost car keys. Here's hoping you enjoy it!

And with that, I am done here today. Happy Easter to you, if you celebrate it. Heck, Happy Easter to you even if you don't celebrate it. It is a joyous day of celebration and I'm sure Jesus would welcome you to his coming out party if you decide to change your mind someday.

Soon, with more better stuff (from me, I mean; Jesus already gave you His best.)


Maggie May said...

Happy Easter, Jim!
Maggie x

juvat said...

I liked the article, Jim. Well said. Now, I've got to go to church.

messymimi said...

Lost faith, like lost keys, can be found again, and i am banking on that for some people i know.

Blessed Easter, He is Risen!

Jimmy said...

Happy Easter Jim

Shammickite said...

I had not heard of that little prayer before, but I shall certainly keep it in mind. Hope your Easter was happy.

Absolut Ruiness said...

I have always wanted to go to one of his parties....I hear they are legendary!

Craig said...

The version of the 'St. Anthony Prayer' that I (a Catholic convert) received from my wife (a 'cradle Catholic') was a bit more, uh, child-like:

Tony, Tony look around;
Something's lost and can't be found

Hope your Easter was well and properly blessed. . .