Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Couple of Places to Find Me

Just giving an opportunity to breathe to those of you who might have been holding your breath waiting for some more of my writing.

You could go to and read all about my body falling apart and why I will not be a catcher any more forever.

Or you could go to and read part of what I wrote in the latest issue of Discover magazine (you'll have to buy the issue to read it all - which you should, of course, and then you should subscribe because I expect to show up in at least the next two issues following the current one.)

Or, if you just want to laugh at my expense, go to

(If that doesn't get you to a photo of me pretending to be a red-haired Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, then just go to my Facebook page and look for it. And please be kind.)

That will do it for now. I have a couple of interviews to conduct, in the next hour or two, for another Discover piece. As always, I am blessed beyond anything I deserve (especially when you consider that cowboy photo.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


Mich said...

I am currently in the dress-like-a-cowboy-for-no-apparent-reason phase. It's a good time.

messymimi said...

Love the picture, love that you played your heart out as long as you possibly could, and i hope you end up being published so much that your income from that exceeds all your expectations.

Craig said...

Mick Jagger is a liar??? So, what the hell am I supposed to tell my kids, to whom I've been singing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" their whole lives?

And I'm really looking forward to telling my maize-and-blue friends that they're gonna be orange now. . .


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I'm not ever gonna catch again, either, Sully.
But it's about the knees not my arm.
I can really relate to your arm pain though.
About ten years ago I had a frozen shoulder and had eight months of physical therapy.

@ Craig - just because he's a liar doesn't mean he isn't right.

Shammickite said...

You are making appearances all over the place! Too bad I can't read the whole of the Discover magazine article. I'll probably find that issue on the table in the Dr's waiting room at some time in the future.
Love your picture. Made me larf. And remember my own teenage years.

It' said...

How ironic that I'm currently writing a research paper (well, not this very second,lol) on pellagra, which is a disease of malnutrition when corn is over 80% of a persons diet.....which is a lack of niacin (or vitamin B3). Guess I will run a little errand at lunch.....who knows, maybe I'll mention it in my paper. Not that you will ever hear anything about it. Cool.
Sorry about the failing body parts......but did you happen to see the 89 year old woman who does a routine on the parallel bars on Facebook? Wow, she's over 20 years older than me, and makes me feel old.

sandyland said...

and what teams give you great promise this season Suldog??Sandy Kessler

Jackie said...

The first link that you posted won't work for me....
(Lip poking out and all that pouty-type stuff that I can do when I don't get my way)
I am proud of you, Jim. I always have been. Always will be.
Continued successes to you.
Love the cowboy look.
Sending you and your DW hugs and smiles.