Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Worthy Cause This Sunday

I'd like you to try a little experiment. Don't move, in any way, for just one minute.

Aggravating, isn't it? If you have an itch, you can't scratch it. Something in your eye? Too bad. Nose running? Tough.

You now have some idea of what Chad Larivee has been going through since July 29th.

Chad is a 43-year-old Taunton firefighter with a wife and three kids. He spent eight years as a hoseman, routinely entering burning buildings. More recently, he drove Taunton's Engine 1, the city's busiest pumper. During the past 17 years, he put his life on the line. That's what firefighters do. But, while helping a fellow jake with some roof repair on his day off, Chad fell 30 feet from a ladder and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He was immediately paralyzed.

He was medflighted to Rhode Island Hospital, where he underwent 9 hours of surgery. After almost a month in their ICU, eating via a feeding tube and unable to speak because of a tracheotomy, he was moved to Spaulding Rehab in Charlestown. He remains there today, doing the hard work to try and regain some mobility. Currently, he is a tetraplegic. He has limited left arm movement only.

Since the injury, Chad's fellow firefighters say he has remained tremendously upbeat despite his troubles. And they'd know because they've been there for him. In Rhode Island, there was always at least one of the Taunton crew by his bedside 24/7. At Spaulding, a Taunton firefighter stays overnight, every night – 10pm to 6am – so Chad never wakes up alone. They scratch those itches and do whatever else is physically needed. Some firefighters in Worcester known as “The Ramp Gang”, assisted by their brothers from Taunton, Scituate, Franklin and Northbridge, donated their time and skills to build Chad an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp at his home. It is hoped Chad will be able to return home in November.

But there's a lot more work needed and the funds to do that work are staggering. Chad will need a specialized wheelchair and a chair van, a residential elevator, a mounted lift in his home, conversion of his bathroom and other spaces. It will cost hundreds of thousands and none of that specialty equipment is covered via insurance.

To raise what's needed, his friends in Taunton have set up a fundraising event on Sunday October 12th. Starting at noon, at The Jockey Club in Raynham, there will be five live bands; fun games like jump houses, bowling and face painting for kids (children 12 and under get in free); food and drinks; some superb items up for bid via auction (for example, all-expenses-paid trips to San Diego to see the Patriots play the Chargers or to California for the USC – Notre Dame game.) And you won't miss the Pats game if you go; you can see them take on the Buffalo Bills via a huge projector. More information is available at!blog/c35h (or, if you can't make it that day and the spirit moves you, you can make a donation anyway.)

I'll be there on Sunday. I hope you will, too.


Jackie said...

I hope people turn out by the thousands and that the donations to Chad's cause exceed all expectations.
Thank you for sharing his story with us.

Buck said...

What Jackie said. Raynham is a lil bit far for me to travel, but I'll be there in spirit.

Should Fish More said...

Sent a email to the site, awaiting response. Hell of a thing, his family and he look like great people.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

Yeah, I'd go, too, but I have to stay home with the cat.
I will definitely be there in spirit.

Jenny Woolf said...

that's a nice post. If I lived in your area I'd go. As it is, I'd need to take a transatlantic flight. I hope they raise a whole lot of money

Hilary said...

Ditto Daryl. ish.

Suldog said...

Thank you, everyone. Much appreciated.

Tabor said...

Such a good cause to donate to. I hope he gets all the help and support he needs!

It' said...

I am impressed by the people who have donated and supported this cause. Many wishes for success!

Shammickite said...

What wonderful people, those Taunton and area firefighters, looking after their comrade in such a fine way. Chad and his family must feel so loved. My heart goes out to all families who are in similar situations, and there are far too many families that need this kind of help.