Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boston Herald Today

I was pleasantly surprised to find my writing in today's Boston Herald.

Today's Boston Herald

I had somewhat given up on this piece being published. I submitted it a couple of weeks back, figured it was dead, and actually published it in this space (more-or-less; a few edits were made by my tremendous editor at the Herald, improving it overall. I've really come to appreciate the value of a good editor, and she is one.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Kind words, letters to the editor, your decisions to not send me anthrax in the mail - these are all appreciated.

Soon, with more better stuff.


Michelle H. said...

Anthrax in the mail? Methinks celebrity status has made you a bit paranoid. But that is okay. Being paranoid makes for some good writing.

Buck said...

I've really come to appreciate the value of a good editor, and she is one.

Another thing we have in common. I had an editor back in the day when I began my (oh-so-brief) career as a tech/proposal writer who taught me nearly everything I know about writing. I wish we'd have remained in touch.

Ami said...

There's a story about a writer and editor stranded in the desert. They wander up and down the dunes, parched and hot, struggling to find their way out.When they are at the end of their endurance... staggering, barely able to move, the writer spots an oasis in the distance. Hope lends them strength, and they manage to make it to the lovely pool of water in a lush patch of grass, under the shade of beautiful trees.

The writer falls to her stomach by the water and begins to drink. Her thirst temporarily slaked, she notices a noise.
She looks up to see the editor peeing in the water.
"What are you doing?!" she asks, horrified.
"I'm making it BETTER." the editor replies.

silly rabbit said...

I am very touched by this piece. My husband, a vet who is disabled by a non combat issue also uses the VA for his medical needs. There is a lot of waiting involved. But like you say, as you wait there are so many acts of love, devotion or just plain old kindness. It reminds you to respect and appreciate those with difficulties around you. It reminds you of what your own health means in terms of value. Nice piece. Thank you.

CLR said...

Congrats. Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

Daryl said...

so glad this got printed so others could read it and maybe learn a thing or two

Pat - Arkansas said...

Good-oh! Ditto on Daryl's comment.

Hilary said...

I'm so glad it was published. It's a beautiful piece.