Saturday, September 21, 2013

More About Me

And now, the next chapter in the continuing saga of the world's most loveable egomaniac - ME.

I have a column in the Boston Herald this morning, on the op-ed page.

Old Guy Gets Stuff For Free!

The usual applies: Go there, read, leave comments which would lead them to believe I have talent. Thanks!

And now, I shall go stand in front of a mirror for a couple of hours, look at a published writer, and await the call from the Pulitzer committee.

Soon, with more free stuff.


Julie said...

Good article and I agree with you. I would have put my comment on the article but they wanted zip codes and stuff. Sorry.

The Broad said...

Great article and great writing, Sully. Enjoyed every word.

Craig said...

Good stuff, Sully. I think every guy our age (and heck, quite a few years younger than us) remembers his first 'Sir'. . . (Just please, God, let it not be the cute young checkout clerk when I'm buying condoms. . .) (OK, just for the record, I know you know I don't buy condoms; but I imagine that would be a particularly traumatic scenario for one's First Sir). . .

The grocery store where I do most of my shopping has a sign at the checkout informing us that we will asked for ID on alcohol purchases 'If you even look like you might be under 40'. So I thought, 'Cool!' And the last time I was buying a bottle of wine, the red light lit up, informing the clerk that she needed to clear me to purchase alcohol. She came over, and immediately started punching in the 'OK to buy alcohol' code.

"Aren't you going to check my ID?" I asked, hopefully.

"No need," she replied, not even looking in my direction.

"You mean," I said, in a tone of astonishment, "I don't even look like I might be under 40??

She just looked at me with that, 'You're kidding, right?' look, and said, "Have a nice day."


Buck said...

Done. To wit:

To the editor(s): I keep tellin' ya... HIRE this man. Give him a permanent column, stat. As for the "sir" bit... I'm a 68 year old retired USAF MSgt and I get my meds at the Cannon AFB, NM pharmacy. It grates to have a sweet young thing of a Captain... or worse, the Lt. Col. in charge of the pharmacy... call me "sir" when filling my scrips. It USED to be the other way around when I was on active duty. But... as Jim sez... it's "free" stuff. ("Free" is in quotes because I EARNED my healthcare.)

True story about the pharmacy. I've even had the base commander call me "sir." Aiiieee.

Anonymous said...

cm- It's almost as bad as the first Ma'am.

Cleary Squared said...

I couldn't have agreed with you more...the time between 18 and 65 is life's "donut hole" and we have to figure out what to do between then.

And yes, Boston Herald - please hire this man as a regular columnist.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

I went to a chamber of commerce mixer once that was put on to welcome the Blue Angels to Redding for an airshow.
One of the Blue Angels pilots called me sir.
I thought it was only a little ironic.

About the funniest age thing that ever happened where I was involved occurred in Milwaukee, back when the drinking age there was 18.
My former spouse and I went to a club with a girlfriend of hers.
The door guy didn't check either of their IDs, but he did card me.
I was 29.
They were both five years and more younger than I.

GS claims it's difficult being married to Peter Pan.

Michelle H. said...

Great article!

It' said...

Ha! I feel much the same (although if someone younger than me calls me "Ma'am" I applaud their parents..a polite individual is rarer than hen's teeth). But my husband? He is the total opposite....

Karen said...


Chris said...

Great piece, Jimmy. And I agree, as long as I'm getting free stuff, who cares what they think? Like I'm gonna say, "No no, I'm not a senior citizen, here's another ten bucks."

And I'm totally with you on the obsession with looking younger. What's wrong with looking your age? All this plastic surgery? Okay, maybe you don't look as old, but you don't look as human either. It's like all these older celebs are entered in a "look like a Muppet" contest.

That said, shout-out to Jamie Lee Curtis for aging gracefully. Still hot, also.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! I remember the shock of my first "ma'am". I was 32 at the time. Alas, I've grown numb to it now.

Absolut Ruiness said...

In India, we are obsessed with calling people with so called age-appropriate titles. I was called "aunty" by a 11 or 12 year old girl when i was 28 (that was just last year!). I empathize with you and agree that I wouldn't mind being misunderstood age-wise if it gets me freebies.

Unknown said...

I really liked this one, Jim! Great piece! -TimK

Hilary said...

I have to agree with most of the other women.. Being called "Ma'am" for the first time was the worst feeling. Second and third times weren't so great either.

Fine article, Jim. You deserve to be published there regularly.

lime said...

i'm not a big fan of being ma'am-ed either. one of the things i like about working with a heavily latino population is the kids call me "miss." even with all my grey hair i am "miss." wheee!