Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exclamations Of Disgust

[Quirky has just discovered a wombat in her panties. What should she be saying? I'd go with "Yikes!", but...]

[There are two possibilities for envisioning that, by the way. The first, and the one I had in mind, was that she looked down into her lady-drawers and saw a wombat roaming around. The second, which I just now thought of - and which gives you some idea of the whirlwind of activity in my brain - would be that she looked up from, say, reading Lady Chatterley's Lover, and saw a wombat wearing her panties. For purposes of this blog, feel free to use whichever amuses you the most.]

[Actually, there's a third possibility. Quirky might have dressed some wombats in cute little outfits (maybe a sweater and Capri pants, like a tiny wombat Laura Petrie) but then one of the wombats stripped down to its teensy little wombat panties and... I'm talking far too much about wombats and panties. Sorry.]

[Above: Wombat
Below: Laura Petrie]

[This makes five parentheticals, two digressions, and I haven't even gotten to the beginning of this piece. That does not bode well for you, gentle reader.]

[Here comes the actual beginning of the piece, probably, but you'll still have to visit someplace else. I do appreciate the effort.]

In reply to THIS POST over at Lime's place, I said the following...


(I'm never quite sure concerning the gradation levels of such exclamations when made in replying to a blog post about something disgusting. "Ugh" is probably the least, with "Oh, Puke!" perhaps being the most. "Ewwww!" falls somewhere between, I suppose, as does the [to the best of my knowledge] new exclamation I've invented here, and which I hope serves the purpose adequately.)

So, that's what I said in response to Lime's story about... well, if you clicked onto the link, you know (and if you didn't, I'm not going to tell you, you slacker.) I'm not sure why, but this seems important to me at the moment. There should probably be disgusting standards of some sort, shouldn't there? Obviously, if one person says "Gee! That's kind of grody!" and another person says, "Sweet Merciful Jesus, kill me immediately so I needn't be cursed to live with the memory of this vile and grotesque sight!", it's relatively easy to divine which person is more upset. However, where do these two people fall on the discomfited scale?

Commenter # 1 - "Oog!"

Commenter # 2 - "Bleh!"

We can safely assume neither one is delighted, but beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine. So, what I'd like to know is how YOU express yourself, from least disgusted to most disgusted. What are your usual expressions of disgust? Let's say I showed you this...

And this...

What would you say in the comments?

(Naturally, I leave it up to you to decide which one is worse.)

Soon, with (Feh!) more better stuff.

[Bug Sandwich from HERE.]

(Oh, and if neither Babs nor the bug sandwich is gross enough for you, you might visit Growing Up In Waldron and look at The Chicken Choker.)

(No, not that kind of chicken choker.)

(Just go there, for goodness' sakes.)


Maggie May said...

Oh MY Goodness..... that sandwich! Never in a million years would I eat it.

That little wombat is a bit like a rabbit, isn't it? I'm sure it would keep well away from anyones panties! Cute little thing.

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, but I'm not hungry at the moment. I haven't long had lunch.

Buck said...

Well, two things come to mind. The first is what I say in real life when encountering disgusting stuff and the second is what I put in blog comments and ne'er the twain shall meet. Mainly coz (one) is socially unacceptable. (Two) is usually something like "Now THAT'S disgusting!"

Something I find REALLY disgusting: people who say "Ewww" in Real Life. That utterance makes me wish I had one of those Spanish Inquisition Tongue-Rippers™.

Buck said...

Clarification: "people over the age of nine who say..."

Daryl said...

Gross .. I knew I should wait to read this til WAY after lunch

Craig said...

That wombat is kinda like a horse-faced gopher. . .

I dunno, I sorta go with a gagging sound that defies rendering into words. But if I did, it would look something like


I think

Anonymous said...

Well, I say Ewww all the time, but now Buck's made me feel all ashamed of that.

I love Laura Petrie, and the wombat is a cute rodent; I disagree with Craig. I'll even take that bug sandwich before Streisand; I'll say "Meh" for her.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

So, what do wombats have to do with bug sandwiches?
Oh, and if she'd dressed a wombat in cute little clothes, it would be a prime candidate for PWWTLT.
The most disgusting thing about this post is that all I could think of is, "Is that American cheese on that sandwich?"

Suldog said...

Uncle Skip - Personally, I found the mayonnaise on the cheese to be an affront to all that is decent.

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

This... Aaaaaaagh!

messymimi said...

First pic: Oh.

Second pic: Ew, disgusting!

This from a person who changes diapers, cleans cat boxes, and picks up after the puppy with a simple, "What! It's only a bit of poop, it won't hurt you," when the kids and Sweetie are gagging.

Suldog said...

IT - That is both hilarious and entirely not pretty. I laughed, but I simultaneously considered shoving knitting needles through my eyes. Thank you.

Eddie Bluelights said...

LOL - I could have read Lady Chatterley's Lover by the time you got to the point LOL. Very funny and I have just been over to see Lime, read her post and told her off for wasting food. She should have:
a) Got a video camera ready to capture the sneeze with all the high speed projectiles.
b) Sneezed
c) Admired the resultant modern art with which Andy Warhole would have been proud.
d) Scraped up all the debris.
e) Warmed it up in the microwave.
f) Completed her meal.

After allthat I've forgotten your question and don't want blogger to lose thios valuable literay contribution so I will just press the send button ~ Eddie

Eddie Bluelights said...

Now I understand the question and in this case:




(in either order!) LOL

Suldog said...

Eddie - I love you (in a manly sort of a way, rest assured.)

Michelle - I've got a bellyache over here from laughing. Stop it.

Sitiliobrap - The Snorker said...

I have it on good authority that it isn't mayo, but Miracle Whip.

Suldog said...

Sitiliobrap - Well, one look at your photo would make it obvious even to the most obtuse that you'd know the difference, and I'm about the most obtuse, so there you go (and wherever you go, there you are, so there you go.)

lime said...

ya know. i was really at a loss for a blog post idea when fate stepped in and caused me to sneeze salsa and chips all over my sleeve thus inspiring such a gaktastic post as mine. that my revolting imagery has inspired such a fetid response makes my heart leap with joy. it thoroughly validates our compatibility as blog buddies. i think the musing on all the combinations and permutations implied by the phrase "a wombat in her panties" is another good indicator. my mind went that way or ways too.

as for streisand my repsonse is. "eesh," which is in my personal continuum of revulsion, fairly mild. the bug sandwich would elicit a a gag followed by the sounds of vomiting, which is well past the center and heading toward the opposite end of the continuum. a picture of neil diamond serving a big sandwich would get an off the chart "sweet mother of all that is unholy make it stoooooooop now!"

Chris said...

My preferred expression of disgust is a half-hearted, "really?" I'm above that sort of nonsense.

And if you believe that, I've got a panty-wearing, slightly sweaty wombat to sell you.

Hilary said...

First photo evokes just a "meh." The second one it "blech." A photo of Babs eating the sandwich would make me puke. Kind of like a photo of Barry Manilow would.

Clare Dunn said...

OK. I feel as though I know you pretty well, so, NO! I will NOT visit the post over at Lime's place.

I very quickly scrolled past the Barbra and sandwich photos. I knew they would be Gross-to-the-Max.

In addition, I did not read anyone else's comments (I'm getting a pretty good insight into your blog friends, too, and knew what to expect there).

I gotta say, "You never disappoint, Sul...never."

xoxoxo, cd

Sueann said...

ewwww and yuck comes to mind here for both Barbara and the sandwich. And what does all this have to do with wombats and panties?? I am confused. Ha
Not an unusual thing either

Jeni said...

Who are the masterminds that come up with these gross concoctions anyway? The Head Chef at Chez el Grosso? And in some of the "delicacies" shown on some of those sites you linked to, since they involved the heads of some items, or the snout of one with the "jellied Moose snout" perhaps that puts a whole new connotation then on the term "head chef" too. My response to the gross and sickening foods -a growling, kind of pre-retching, gurgling sound as I'd be saying "argmablah" or something akin to that. BTW, my ex-brother-in-law once told me and my ex-husband (his brother) about eating baluts while he was stationed in Vietnam and now, this a.m., I actually saw a photo of one. It's just as disgusting an entity to see in the picture as it was to envision it while "Uncle Tom" painted his own verbal picture in my mind those thirty plus years ago! Amazing, what some people will eat and then think my peanut butter and onion sandwiches are yucky. Just no taste buds, that's all!

Suldog said...

Jeni - I've been re-reading "Shogun", by James Clavell (which, if you haven't read it, is a fascinating novel) and in it the protagonist, an Englishman stranded in Japan during the 1600's, finds that his eating habits are absolutely vile to his hosts. They are mostly fish-eating Buddhists, while he craves meats and game birds. They retch when they see him preparing a rabbit stew. Similarly, he finds such things as jellied squid repulsive. I guess what we are brought up to eat always seems normal and likely will find others who have never eaten it becoming sick to their stomachs.

Mich said...

Every time you use the word "panties," an angel dies.

...In my head, anyway. I'm generally not a squeamish sort of person, but that word makes me cringe.

Bugs have lots of protein.