Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wow, I'm Sort Of Disappointed

[I've set this to auto-post on Saturday morning. I never post on the weekend, but, well...]

I assumed my little contest from yesterday was an easy way to involve some of you in my softball pursuits, making my far-too-numerous posts about those exploits slightly more palatable. It appears I somehow missed the mark. By the time I had left work yesterday, only ten of you had even responded to the post. Even fewer had hazarded a guess for the contest.

Obviously, there is no law forcing you to take a guess. If you don't want to win the fabulous* prize, then that's your business. However, I feel that perhaps the fault is with me. Perhaps I didn't make the concept clear enough, or I muddied the waters too much for those without sporting knowledge? I don't know, for sure, but obviously something wasn't right.

So, if you're reading this - which I think you are - and you wish to enter the contest (and maybe win the fabulous* prize), then go to yesterday's piece, and scroll down to the italicized portion. That's all you need to know, really. Then, make a guess. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

(That's the part that throws me for a loop. The lack of response makes me feel that perhaps I explained things in such a manner as to give some of you the mistaken impression that you would be anally-assaulted if you proffered a comment. Odd.)

OK, see you soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

*prize is not fabulous

(Maybe that's the part that kept some of you from guessing? It's just a joke, and covers my ass legally in case whoever wins decides that they don't like the prize. Do I really have to explain that? I guess, maybe.)


Anonymous said...

I came over because I love you, Jim. Read both posts but I am still at a loss. Can one be numerically AND sporting dyslectic?

Win for Bombers.

As to the dearth of comments; happening chez moi too; I put it down to long hot summer days and nothing to do with the contents of my posts.

Carolina said...

I'm sorry Jim. I missed your previous post. Just read it now. Well, not really. Got distracted by the photo of you, took me a while to scroll down, then you started mentioning lots of abacadabra and numbers and then I was totally lost in all kinds of blue again.

Eddie Bluelights said...

I guessed but it was nor sensible! I am returning to your 'confessional' to make a more sensible estimate of the numbers involved in the bomber's victory which I predict.

As regards lack of response, I am suffering from the same problem these days. Perhaps it is the summer holiday period but it cannot be that alone because I see people posting new stuff all the time. I can only conclude . . . . sob . . . . sob . . . . that people have gone off me!! Blub blub! I must stand up and entice them back into my lair LOL

Anonymous said...

I entered! But a little pop up window appeared saying "No purchase necessary. Purchasing will not increase your chances of winning."

Can you tell I'm playing PCH online?

Come on MILLIONS! My grubby fingers await you!

Craig said...

Hmmmmm. . . The prize is 'fabulous', is it? (or. . . is it?)

Is that 'fabulous' in the sense of 'of the quality of a fable'? As in 'not real'? So, there is no prize? Is that what you're sayin'?

Anyway, Bombers win! Bombers win! Bombers win! Three games, combined score 32-27, Suldog gets six H+W. . . (If I wanted to kiss your ass, I'd say that you get the winning bases-loaded triple in the bottom of the 7th in the deciding game; but I don't really suppose your ass needs quite that much kissing. At least, not from me. . .)

Shammickite said...

If it's about you playing baseball with all your little friends, then I somehow lose the gist of what you are trying to tell me halfway through the post. I start to doze off, then snore, and before i know it, my forehead has plummeted onto the keyboard, hitting the "lets read someting more interesting" key....

Merisi said...

Is it Sunday already? ;-)

Hope you are enjoying it!

Daryl said...

Moannie is right ..,

Maggie May said...

Now you know that I don't understand a word of it!
Ditto Moanie!

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Skip - No stealing, really. The rule is that a runner cannot leave the bag until the ball has been released by the pitcher. At that point, he can take off, but he is subject to a force out back to the bag.

Matt Conlon said...

Heya! Sorry for the absense, I would have definitely entered had I been paying any attention to the blogosphere over the last week or so.

Nothing personal, I am just low on brain juice the month. It's not you, it's me!