Monday, June 09, 2008

Pronounced "Po"

As in "Leon".

As in a 108 - 102 Celtic victory, giving them a 2 - 0 lead in the best-of-seven series.

I wrote the following a week ago, before the Celtics-Lakers series began:

"The Celtics and the Lakers have met in The Finals a total of 10 times. The Celtics have won 8 of those meetings, but the Lakers have won the last two. They have always been contentious and spirited affairs. Blood has been spilled. Unlikely heroes have emerged. Legends have been born."

The legend part of the deal was ably taken up by Paul Pierce in game one. The unlikely hero who emerged in game two? Leon Powe.

In 15 minutes of play, Leon scored 21 points. He rebounded, defended, and passed the ball magnificently. He lived up to his college nickname, "The Show" (which rhymes with Powe.)

I mention the pronunciation because Laker's coach Pill Jackson...

Oh, excuse me. That's PHIL Jackson. Well, you can't blame a guy for something like that. Some names are SO hard to pronounce. Anyway, Jackson, in his post-game press conference, belittled Leon's game by calling him Leon Pow. He corrected himself almost immediately, but it was a transparent dig at Leon.

Sorry, Jackson. It's one thing if you never heard of the guy. Someone who never heard Powe's name pronounced before might mistakenly think it's "Pow", but you're the head coach of an NBA team, and Leon Powe is someone to whom you've given thought. You may not have expected to have him play such a big role, but you certainly know his damn name. Now, so do a whole lot of folks with less ego than you.


You can read game stories here and here. I'd recap it myself, but I have lots of actual paying work to take care of.

(I'm sure you'd rather have me go on for 1,500 or 2,000 words, but...)

For our contest, the Celtic point total is now 755. The average has risen to 94.38 a game. Low winner would be 944. High winner would be 1227. Those would be John-Michael or Burning Sky, I believe, although my math could be off because I'm sleep-deprived.

Starting a game at 9pm, on a Sunday, is almost criminal. I can understand it for the weekday games. Los Angeles fans have a start time of 6pm then, and they deserve to see the games at a reasonable hour. But, on Sunday? No excuse except money. The NBA could start the game at 5pm eastern, 2pm pacific. Then I'd be able to get a decent night of sleep. In the bigger picture, it would allow kids (future customers, David Stern, you greedy bastard) to actually see the games.


I promised you something aside from basketball today. My apologies. As long as this series continues, I'll be writing something about it on the day following games. Too much green in my blood to do otherwise. Tomorrow, however, I will positively have a story that has nothing to do with basketball in any way, shape, or form. I promise.



lime said...

so i am still in the running but probably not for long.

Janet said...

I don't know why it should shock me so when coaches so such an appalling lack of class. Glad the Celtics are doing us proud! Get some sleep!

eileen said...

way to go, Powe! nice that they featured him for the halftime feature as well.

Chris Stone said...

That was a fun game.

Rooster said...

Powe took them on an amazing run! Excellent game, for the most part. But, once the Celts got rolling, there was no stopping them. To be non-biased for a second, the refs did miss a small handful of fouls against the Celts, which certainly helped, but in the end they just outplayed the Lakers.

Three in a row in LA will be tough. But, they really only need to win one of them.

Sul, sorry you did not win my contest, but you made a last game surge to come in second place! Congrats for that!

John-Michael said...

I must hurry and mail out those invitations for the "crummy CD" concert in the park! (away from all habitation ... traffic ... animal life ... and susceptible plant life.) Let the (marginal) music begin!!

You are better than watching the game and listening to those ---- who announce it!

Unknown said...

Good to see you trailed off into a nice peaceful sleep, I hope the series keeps you up with excitment though since that will mean we win of course!

Buck said...

I watched the second half of the game last night and feared for your health and well being when the Lakers closed to within two. Your guys almost blew that one, but a "W" is a "W," no matter how close, eh?

I hope your guys take two out in LA...or at least one. Maybe one would be better, coz then they could seal the deal on home court.

Melinda said...

This year's NBA playoffs make me wish I paid more attention to basketball... looks pretty exciting :)

(definitely better than watching the RedWings vs Penguins anyway)

ps. sorry I haven't been around lately - been reading, but not commenting - the festival I've been planning is finally (!) over and my blog will be back soon to it's regularly scheduled programming.