Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Wedding Of The Decade, Part Six (The Reception, Part Two)

If this is your first appearance at the wedding or the reception, you are really late, pal. The open bar is closed and the sumptuous buffet has all been eaten. You even missed out on the make-your-own-sundae station.

(Yes, we had one - don't you wish you were there? We had caviar, too - or, at least, so we heard. That was gone even by the time we arrived.)

You can try to catch up, but it'll probably be 2006 by the time you get back here and by then I'll be doing what you'd expect - either ranting about the Celtic's draft, crying about softball being rained out, or telling you some hallucinogen-inspired wholly-made-up story. But, here you go, if you want to try anyway - Parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

And, as with the first part of the reception, if you need a closer look at something, click onto it - and then possibly click onto it again, maybe, though I have no idea why that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Yes, it's 2006, but that doesn't mean I have any greater insight into technology other than that it's magic which I can't control.


Why, here are the newlyweds now! Hurray! Remember - no tinkling! They're both packing water pistols.

But... But... The last time we saw them was at the wedding and this is how they looked:

Why, those jolly jokers! They went home and changed clothes! That's why they gave us all these things to do, like anacrostics, while we were waiting for them to show up!

It seems to have kept everybody happy!

Hey, wait a minute! I bet this isn't really a Parker Brothers press release!

And isn't this thing copyrighted by King Features Syndicate? I think that's a copyrighted character from Warner Brothers, too. Oh, well - they can try to get blood from a stone if they really want to ruin our wedding 14 years after the fact! We're so happy to be married, we'll just apologize upfront! Love and kisses, big businesses!

Oh, boy! Cake!

And here's where Jim and HIS NEW WIFE, rather than feed each other cake, gave the first slices to the oldest person in attendance (Jim's grandmother, lurking in the weeds here) and the youngest person (Spooky Alyssa, the first person to know about them getting married, even though they hadn't told anyone yet - which you'd know about if you read Part Two, of course.)

And here is what is probably Jim's favorite picture from the reception. The little person with hands on hips, looking at Jim's NEW WIFE, is Spooky Alyssa. Father Vinny is immediately to the right. Scavenger Hunt Co-Ordinator, Valerie Smith-Sheehy, has her hand on Father Vinny's shoulder. The amazing Peggy Lavoie - artistic director of the tables - is wearing the red dress. Jim's Mom (who has learned far more about Jim by reading this blog than she ever thought she would or wanted to) has her hands on Jim's shoulders. Everyone else in the picture is swell, too!

But, for heaven's sakes, why isn't anyone looking at the camera? What the heck are they looking at? Your guess is as good as mine and I was there!

Here are the puzzle answers, as well as the credits.

And, thus far, they lived happily ever after!*

*unless they really DO end up getting sued by King Features Syndicate or Warner Brothers, in which case this blog is copyright 2006 by Abdullah Lipschitz.


Anonymous said...

Or Parker Brothers.

Sassy said...

What a WONDERFUL series of entries! I hope to do the same very soon. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi, Jim. I know I'm way behind on my reading. I just got to this, and I really enjoyed it. You two make a cool couple. I don't mean "handsome." I mean cool.

Daryl said...

You two did have the best wedding ... tho seriously why didnt you bring your reception clothes to the church to change into..

Absolut Ruiness said...

This is the coolest and most fun wedding that i have ever heard of! I feel as if id been there. If i would've, I would've liked to be placed at the cake table! I am an Indian and got married last year to a person i love since the last 6 years. Now if you have even an inkling of all that goes into the making of an Indian wedding, you'll understand my state of mind that day. It was the single most dreadful day of my life and i would like to live it all over again VERY VERY differently if i can. I didn't mind the rituals as much as i was frustrated by all the distant relatives who were commenting on what rituals were or were not being performed. They got so much on our nerves in the 3 days of ceremony that i almost fell out of love with my husband! We were such a lot of pressure as we are from two completely different communities that we lost it at each other many times. i so want to forget that day that it hurts every time i think of it. I wish it wasn't this way. Your post brought it all back and more. It showed me what it COULD have been. Thanks a lot and i don't mean it even slightly sarcastically. I'm truly grateful for this lovely experience!