Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weight Loss Wednesday, III

Well, here we are. At the weigh in.



That's down one pound from last week. I still have six pounds to go. By April 16th.

I need some inspiration. Who wants to bet me that I won't make it? If there's some money on the line, I might actually drag my ass out of bed to walk on more than one or two mornings in the coming ten days. If I can smell the cash, I might be able to walk by those chocolate Easter eggs in the break room.

Ahhhh, I'll make it without the monetary incentive. I just set myself too long of a deadline at the beginning. When something has to get done, I do it. I just need to feel the pressure a bit more before I self-motivate.

Wow! What an interesting, informative, entertaining blog entry this was!

Thursday or Friday, with an actual story or something. Old Fat Fart out.

(The illustration is from this place. If I could play softball on Uranus, I wouldn't have to worry about losing any more weight.)

(Yes, there's a hideous joke in there somewhere, but I'm not in the mood.)


Anonymous said...

ok...6 lbs by Sunday
I'll put up $2.50 a lb
which means you could get $15 when you walk in the office Monday.
Donna will need to be on this to see the scale.
Anybody else? you never know, the Red Sox might call him for Wakefield :)

Suldog said...

Thank you, but it's by a week from Sunday, not this Sunday. However, if enough other folks want to put up the cash, I'll make it by this Sunday.