Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday The 13th

Are you triskaidecaphobic? I'm not, but I like to take every opportunity I can to throw around double-jointed words in an attempt to show you that I'm a smart cookie!

A short one, as it's shaping up to be a somewhat busy day here at work. Just a couple of addenda to yesterday's piece concerning Libertarianism.

I want to make clear that the Libertarian Party isn't just about drugs. I think I probably did make that point, but it never hurts to emphasize it. Some folks, as soon as they see or hear anything about drugs, block out everything else being said. Congressmen are particularly ept* at that sort of thing.

The LP (as we like to call it, with the mistaken assumption that anybody outside of the party will know that we aren't talking about a phonograph record) is concerned with all forms of liberty, not just the liberty to get high. However, it was their stance concerning drug usage that attracted me to the party (no pun intended) and I might never have found them otherwise. Once I found them, I then discovered that I agreed with just about everything else they espoused.

This is not to say that I am in total agreement with everything every member of the party says. I believe there are precious few of us in complete lockstep with any party platform. However, I agree with the Libertarian platform to a greater extent than I do any other party's. I find that, after having a chance to discuss political views at length, some people are voting for candidates with whom they disagree a majority of the time. How strange and sad, when there are always alternatives available.

My best advice (as if you asked for it) is to never vote for anyone unless you agree with most of what they say. In all instances, look for the candidate with whom you agree most often. If you can find no one that you agree with a majority of the time? Vote for yourself. I assume you agree with yourself, and a write-in vote is (IMHO) a clearer indication of your dissatisfaction than an empty ballot.

I've been promising you (or, to use this same joke again for about the hundredth time, threatening you) that I'd tell you all about my run for the office of state rep. I'm going to write it up over the weekend and have it for you on Tuesday. Until then, have a great long weekend and thanks again for stopping by and indulging my diatribes.

* Ept is the opposite of inept, which is what congressmen usually are.

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