Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Extra! Extra! Read All About Something That Was Three Days Ago!

That's what my column that appeared in Sunday's Boston Herald was all about.

What a dope I am. I had a blog post all set to go on Sunday, pointing you toward that column, but I completely forgot to publish it. So, now's your chance to catch up on old news. Doy!

As always, thanks for reading (even if I got you over there two or three days late.) God bless you.

Soon (relatively speaking) with more better stuff.


messymimi said...

Even though it's a bit late to take advantage of it this year, i like the way you think and will remember your wise words for next autumn.

Should Fish More said...

Why don't you just establish a paypal or similar account where your admirers can leave donations? That would bypass all this nonsense of you asking for readers to click on another link to read your stuff? Seems logical.

Shammickite said...

I always used to look forward to spending that extra hour snuggled in a nice warm bed. But now the time change just confuses me. And I tend to get up at the wrong time and then get tired before I should and have to go to bed early and then the confusion continues until I manage to sort my inner clock out. It's because I'm old.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Or... if you're old, decrepit, and forgetful, like me.
You can go read it for the first time ...again ...and experience deja vu all over again.

Jackie said...

I guess I'm older'n Skip.
I just read it.
Always love to read your work.
Thank you for the links.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your better half.
Sending you both love.....