Sunday, September 24, 2017

Is Donald Trump "Crazy"?

Maybe. Maybe not. Not my call. That's better left to professionals to figure out.

However, how they go about figuring it out, and if they then decide to make their diagnoses public - and if that's in the best interest of both the general public and of the professionals' paid patients - is the subject of my latest in the Boston Herald.

If you'd like to read what I have to say about it, here's a link.

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joeh said...

This election will be overturned through the Russia narrative, impeachment, or assassination, and intelligent people will approve and applaud either means.

Personally it saddens and disgusts me.

Apparently in our Democracy today, The people get to choose, but the elite get to veto.

Maggie May said...

A very interesting article.
I think anyone irresponsible enough to even think about starting a nuclear war must be crazy. The thought of two unstable people having such discussions, beggars belief.
Hoping common sense will prevail.
Maggie x

Ami said...

I'm of the opinion that anyone who wants to be the president suffers from some pretty scary delusions.
Think about what being president entails.

As for Trump, I don't like him. I didn't like Hillary either. And I also voted third party, not because I thought there was a chance of winning, but because if enough people vote third party it would break the two party stranglehold that's currently doing our entire country and the world a grave disservice.

And while I have many more things to say, I won't let my comment degenerate into repeatedly using the f word and ranting.

messymimi said...

Any psychiatrist who would break the Goldwater Rule is one i don't want practicing on me.

Should Fish More said...

If the 'people got to choose', then Clinton would be president. By 3 million votes. Unless of course you believe that 3 million hispanics were bused in to various states, like New Hampshire, to influence the vote.

Anyone who wouldn't applaud the removal of trump hasn't been paying attention to what he says and does.

William Kendall said...

I don't think he's crazy- I think calling him that is an insult to those of us who struggle with mental illness. I do think he's a thin skinned narcissistic buffoon, totally unfit for office. And I do wonder if he's dealing with the onset of dementia.

Craig said...

I don't think Trump is mentally ill; he's just an asshole. And alas, if that fact by itself disqualified someone from being president, US history would look a whole lot different. . .

Like you, I didn't vote for Trump; I thought that he and Mrs. Clinton were both distasteful (I have a lot of sympathy for Ami's aim of breaking the two-party duopoly on our politics). But it does seem to me that our media/elite fellow-citizens are suffering from their own mental illness - let's call it 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'. They are just utterly undone by the notion that anyone besides themselves should ever get to call the shots. . .