Sunday, July 30, 2017


This week's entry in the Boston Herald is all about my experiences as an emergency fill-in umpire. Even if you don't like sports, there are life lessons. If you don't like life lessons, well, there's sports!

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Thanks very much for reading. I always appreciate it.

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P.S. The umpire in the above drawing is wrong. Since the catcher has the ball in his hand, and not in the glove, that runner is safe. Just thought I'd point that out so you nitpickers in the crowd would know I understand the rules.

P.P.S. I have no idea how the umpire and the two players could possibly get into that position. Either the batter was sliding head first on his back from third base or the catcher is facing the stands and couldn't possibly have gotten the throw from anywhere except behind the plate and that's impossible with the umpire standing in front of him.


Ami said...

I think the picture wasn't intended to be accurate.
Pretty sure we're supposed to just admire the guy's ball(s).

joeh said...

A job I could never do!

When my son was 12 he umped some LL games. I watched the end of one game when he called a kid out on strikes to end the game. It was a foul tip and the catcher caught the ball which was barely tipped off the batters hand. The adult manager ran out arguing that the ball hit the batter. My son immediately made the signal that the pitch hit all bat and not the hand...end of argument. When he came to the car we talked about the play. I said even if the ball ticked his hand if he swung, the hand was considered part of the bat and he is still out. He told me, "I know that, but didn't want to argue that with the guy, it was easier to just say I thought it got all bat." That's when I knew he had the stuff to ump and I never could.

Suldog said...

Ami - LOL

Joe - Great story! Yup, he definitely had the right stuff early!

messymimi said...

Great lessons. Umpiring, refereeing, etc., are jobs i would not want to do.

It' said...

Dang it, Ami beat me to the punch line....good one!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Interesting account,Jim, and what an experience for you. I think you would always be a fair Umpire and I am sure you would be a good one. We call the Referees unless we are playing cricket.

Great that you stepped in. . . :)

Suldog said...

Thank you all. This one seems to have been a hit. I appreciate it!

Craig said...

Hey, the head-first, face-up slide is the Next Big Thing. . .

A couple of my sons umped for U12 games, when they were in their teens. 3M was especially good at it, I think. Even as a 15yo, he wouldn't take any crap from coaches, and one time, even had an obnoxious parent removed ("Your son's team will forfeit the game, if you don't leave in the next 60 seconds. . .") Brought a tear to my eyes. . . ;)