Wednesday, April 05, 2017

My Favorite Team

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me who my favorite Boston sports team was. He supposed it was the Red Sox, but he was wrong. It's the Boston Celtics.

At one time, the Red Sox would have been tied for first. The Celtics, however, have never been any lower than number one. They are my team in a way that the Sox, Patriots and Bruins are not and likely never will be. They are the only team of the four that I have faithfully followed from the first day of my fandom, without interruption, and the only one of the four I followed faithfully while all of my friends did not.

I delve into that, and other reasons for why I bleed green, in today's column in the Boston Herald.

Make no mistake: If you were to ask me which sport is my favorite to play, it's baseball/softball. I've done so for over 50 years, while the last time I actually played a game of basketball was over 25 years ago. But insofar as watching a professional team, I've been to more Celtics games than I have any others. They remain the only team for which I've had a season ticket. They are the only team that I've seen, in-person, during their sport's championship finals. I've attended more playoff games of the Celtics than of the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins combined.

As I said, there were times when the Red Sox would have been my co-faves. The baseball and basketball seasons didn't overlap in any significant way for many years, so there was no reason to make a choice between the two. Now, however, if it comes down to a Red Sox game versus a Celtics game? No contest whatsoever. MY WIFE will tell you I never miss a Celtics game. If I have to be doing something else while it's on, I will tape it for viewing later and assiduously avoid TV, radio, social media and any other ways I might hear the final score, until I have had a chance to watch.

Well, be that as it may - and it most definitely is - you can read more about my love of the green team in today's Boston Herald. I hope you enjoy it. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Soon, with more better dunks.

(See what I did there? Instead of "stuff", I said "dunks". A dunk shot is sometimes called a stuff shot, so... Yeah, it's weak.)


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

"See what I did there?"

Yeah... don't give up your day job!

Oh, wait, fugeddabottit.

Seriously, I know the feeling you have.
Until about three years ago, when I became totally disillusioned with the NFL in particular and football in general, I was a diehard 49er fan.
Today, I can still get excited about the Giants and the Warriors, even watching as many games as possible.
But, I no longer go to extremes to do so.

Craig said...

Well, for me, it's my Tigers #1, and anything MSU #1a. Or vice-versa, I forget. (I too bleed green, but it's a different kind of green than yours; alas, it tended to align my interests with a Mr. Johnson from LA, whose championship aspirations tended to run directly across those of Mr. Bird and yer Celts)

The Lions have been so bad/mediocre for so long, I've kinda forgotten how to care. Even when they're going good, I'm kinda always waiting to see how they're gonna screw it up.

You'd think that, having grown up in North Boondocks, Michigan, that I'd be a hockey fan, but not so. The kids in my hometown played basketball in the winter. But the Pistons only arrived in Michigan in 1957, and sucked from then until the mid-80s, so they've always been kinda 4th-banana to the other three pro sports teams in Detroit.

It's also true that the only time the baseball and basketball seasons overlap is in the spring, when basketball is gearing into playoff/championship mode, and baseball is just waking from its winter slumber; apart from Opening Day itself, it's really not a fair fight. . .

messymimi said...

True fans are the ones there with you in good seasons and bad. You are a true fan, i hope they appreciate you!

Shammickite said...

Let's Go.... Blue Jays!!!!