Sunday, January 29, 2017

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Today, on this blog, there's actually something about blogging.

Well, OK, not on this blog. That would be too much to hope for, right? Right. No, instead, I have something that has to do with blogging in my column today in the Boston Herald.

Well, OK, not about blogging, per se, but about someone I met while blogging (except we haven't met yet, except on our respective blogs.)

Well, OK, I'm trying very hard to make it seem like I still have something valuable to say here instead of just making this a space where you find out I'm asking you to go someplace else and read what I really have to say. I think I'm failing. Anyway, my piece in the Herald concerns one Chris Mauger, who used to blog almost as much as I used to blog. While I have become a published writer who doesn't quite make a living at it, the reason Chris doesn't blog so much now is because he took up running and lost a couple hundred pounds. All in all, he probably made the better decision.

(I exaggerate a bit. Chris didn't lose a couple hundred pounds. He did lose quite a bit, though, and is entirely unrecognizable from what he used to look like when I first encountered his blog...

[Chris, 2012]

[Chris, 2013]

What a difference running makes! It's enough to make me want to exercise, but not quite.

I find what he accomplished rather amazing, even though I'm going to feel like a fat bum when we meet up, which is what my piece in the Herald is about - somewhat - and now that I've come full circle, and also fulfilled my daily quota for useless parentheses, I'll step back outside of them.)

I've probably totally unintrigued you, as if that's a real word, but here's a link to the Boston Herald anyway in case you have nothing better to do with the next five minutes!

Thanks for stopping by and if anyone can remember the name of Chris's old blog... Ah! It just came to me! Knucklehead!

(That was the name of his old blog, not a name I'm calling myself even if it would fit. Want to read something extremely funny? Go to his old blog and find out whatever happened to Sam-I-Am and Wile E. Coyote, but only after you've gone to the Boston Herald, of course! Chris did a whole series of those "Whatever Happened To..." stories about cartoon characters and every one of them is brilliant. Search them out and you won't be sorry. And neither would any publisher who decides to publish them all in book form, so if you're a publisher why don't you do that? Then, since I turned you on to such a magnificent find, you can publish a collection of my best stuff, too, and lose all the money you made on Chris's stuff.)

Thanks for stopping by. If you leave a comment at the Herald's website, I might write a column about YOU someday. If you can somehow get a letter to the editor published, praising me as the second coming of Thurber, I promise to NEVER write about you, which is a much better deal.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


Tabor said... he looks younger, more handsome, healthier. Ask him how his knees are holding up.

Craig said...

I took up riding a bike. Easier on the knees, and the scenery changes faster. . .

But the 200-lb weight loss hasn't happened yet. . .

Jackie said...

What an amazing transformation.
He doesn't even look like the same guy.
Congrats to him for his lifestyle change that has made him healthier (and faster!)

messymimi said...

Hooray for taking this responsibility for his health! He could come down here and wear any hat at all, he'd just have to watch how much gumbo we would try to feed him.

Chris said...

Thanks, Jim. And to answer Tabor's question, my knees are just fine. In fact, very few runners I know have experienced knee issues . . . there are much more common injuries in the running community. I've battled plantar fasciitis on and off, but I've found a good running shoe that seems to mitigate that pretty well. And I'll take a few aches and pains over high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and back problems any day.

Absolut Ruiness said...

He has definitely motivated my future self, about a year or two down the line. I even procrastinate motivation! And have I told you how much I like your take-you-some-place-else-where-I-actually-get-paid-for-writing posts? If not, I love them.

3GKnight said...

"Enough to make me think about excercise" Ha! There are many a thing that makes me think, but never a thing enough to make me excercise.

Daryl said...

he certainly looks healthier .. and Thurber eh ... ok!