Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shoveling Snow

If you're from a cold place in the world, did you ever shovel snow as a kid to earn a couple of bucks? If so, you'll likely enjoy my piece in today's Boston Herald. If you've never shoveled snow, you might enjoy it anyway. Who knows?

In any case, HERE IT IS. I hope you enjoy it.

As always, I appreciate your reading me and I hope you'll leave a comment at the website (or, better yet, write a letter to the editor telling the paper what a cool guy I am. Get it? Snow? Cool? Har-Har.)

Soon, with more better stuff.


joeh said...

For what ever reason, it is not your neighborhood, kids no longer shovel for money. Great memories of when we did.

messymimi said...

Down here in the swamps of south Louisiana, we seldom get snow. One time that we did get a significant (for us) snowfall, some very industrious children took wheelbarrows and went door to door asking, "May we have your snow?" They shovelled up all they could get from as much of the neighborhood as they could, piled it in front of one of their houses, and had a wonderful time.

Kids who want to make money around here mow lawns instead.

Juli said...

My boys mow the lawns in the neighborhood. But snow? That's all the hubs and myself. I got Tony a snow blower two years ago... and now I'm thinking I should have gotten him a small tractor plow. Crazy man does the entire street's driveways.

Can't complain about this last one though... I mean aside from having to deliver mail in it... we got about 18 inches, but since it came Sat. into Sunday, there was no pressure to get the driveways cleared. :)