Friday, April 01, 2016

A Simple Political Solution

I admit what I’m about to say will sound absurdly idiotic at first blush, but so did the idea of moldy bread being a cure for a number of hideous ailments, so hear me out.

I think President Obama should nominate Donald Trump to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia.

Republicans in the senate have stated they will not consider anyone nominated by the lame-duck Obama. By nominating Trump, the president will force the Republicans to act. There is nothing more desired, by the Republican establishment, than to keep Donald Trump as far away as possible from the presidential nomination. Given a chance to sidetrack him somewhere else, wouldn’t they jump at it? Granted, having Donald Trump sitting on the high court isn’t what even a single one of them would have considered a pleasant proposition a few months ago, but now it may seem a reasonable alternative. At least as a justice he’ll only be one of nine and the other eight justices could keep him in check.

Meanwhile, Obama would not only get points for a vicious sense of humor, but Hillary Clinton would be spared having to get on a stage with Trump. Despite polls showing Clinton beating Trump in November, those have been taken before they’ve faced each other in debate. Nothing that has happened during this campaign season filled with defeat after defeat of common sense could lead me to believe the vicious attacks he’d level at Hillary would do anything other than boost his popularity.

As for Trump himself, he’s said that one of the best reasons to vote for him would be so that he could appoint excellent Supreme Court justices. What successor to Scalia could possibly be better, in his own mind, than himself?

If you think having Donald Trump seated on the highest court in the land would be worse than a gun-toting wild west Republican convention in Cleveland, I have to think you’re not considering the most likely outcome of all this, i.e., he’d be odds-on to do something hideous enough to be the first justice impeached since Samuel Chase in 1805 and thus, to the delight of all involved, sent packing back to New York, possibly even before the November general elections.

Whatever the outcome, I would love to read what he had to say the first time he was allowed to write a majority opinion.

“This is a huge decision. Huge! Let me tell you, this court is winning so much, we’re getting tired of winning. We’re making America great again, believe me. I’m making good deals here. I told Little Sonia she should get on board – even Lying Clarence agreed with me on this one – so let me tell you, this was a no-brainer. If this was like the old days, I would have put Roberts out of here on a stretcher. He knows my IQ is one of the highest and I’m a very smart guy. I would also like to add I look damn good in a black robe and I guarantee you there’s no problem underneath it.”

Of course, every opinion would read more-or-less the same since that’s pretty much the entirety of his spiel.

Well, either you agree this is a genius idea or you think it’s the most crackpot thing you’ve heard in this entirely crackpot election year. If you like it, I thank you. If not, I ask you to please check out today’s date.

Soon, with more better stuff.


Absolut Ruiness said...

I admit that my source of information on American Presidential election is the Jimmy Kimmel show right now but i feel, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that even BBC news programs have turned into funny talk shows this time around. As for your idea, it seems to be just great because it would achieve the bigger objective of not having him as the President. So you are welcome!

Hilary said...

You know words.

You have the best words.

Jeni said...

Yes, I have noted the date on this piece but I am giving it mega thumbs up as the best idea I have heard since Trump announced his candidacy last summer! However, one question I have for you, Jim. Are you ready for him pointing his finger at you and saying "He started it!?"

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Y'know, I am up to my eyeballs with disgust about the goings on in DC and the political scene.
It really is idiots or egotists.
The insanity is palpable.
The whole system has become binary in that if you don't agree with the conservative, they call you a liberal and if you don't agree with a liberal you're labeled a conservative.
Sadly, there seems to be nowhere to go to get away.

messymimi said...

Sounds good, at least for today it does!

Juli said...

*sigh* while I think this idea is fantastic, the reality is with his views on women's rights and issues, well... it's like monkeys... they throw a lot of shit, and sometimes it sticks.

I'd fear for us all if he actually got one law through, sending women back into the stone (and stone-able) age.

Craig said...

@Skip - re: "idiots or egotists". . . or, you know, both at the same time. . .

I keep thinking back to Jerry Ford's inaugural address (such as it was): "Our long national nightmare is over. . ."

Would that it were, man. . . would that it were. . .

Daryl said...

thank you for the laugh ... even tho i cant usually laugh at Drumph, because laughing while your BP is rising as high as mine does when presented with anything he says or does could cause my head to explode

i want Drumph to get the nomination because i detest Cruz more, if thats possible, and i think since Drumph is so very smart he might actually debate vs shoot of his mouth when on stage with Hillary or Bernie .. i dont even care who the Dems nominate at this point to me its all about NOT having a Repug in the power