Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Continuing Saga Of Me

What a title for a post! As if every post I've written for this space in recent times wasn't about me.


Anyway, I've got a couple of published pieces for you to check out, if you so desire (and why in hell wouldn't you desire? After all, they were written by ME!)

I'm continuing to get work from the Gatehouse Media family of newspapers and websites. This piece was written for Wicked Local Rochester (the website) and it is about girl's high school volleyball.

Now, I very much enjoy getting the opportunity to do some sportswriting, but maybe that's not your thing. If you prefer politics (or gambling; that's a subtle hint as to the content!) then I offer you my opinion piece in today's Boston Herald.

If you don't like sports OR politics OR gambling, then I hope you got some enjoyment out of reading this page since that's all I've got for you today (but I certainly do thank you for stopping by!)

Soon, with more better stuff (obviously.)


messymimi said...

While i don't gamble, it would certainly make the races more entertaining to watch! And good luck to the young ladies on the volleyball team, my hat is off to them as i was a terrible player.

Anonymous said...

You have the gift to make anything interesting! I'm not really a gambler, but it would definitely add something to the race, especially since it drags on for so long!

joeh said...

Oh great, one more reason to "fix" an election.

Daryl said...

i love you so i will read anything you write tho when its sports i read words but it sounds like the Simpsons dog

Hilary said...

I second what Daryl says.. only I'm not sure what the Simpsons' dog sounds like.. but I hear the adults' wah wah voices from Peanuts cartoons. But that's just sports... everything else is pure gold. :)