Monday, February 02, 2015


Had it in my pocket the whole way.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Could I possibly be more lucky, as a gambler, than I was last night?

(Let me make it clear. I was not really a gambler. I made my picks and all that, but I didn't have anything on the line other than my dubious reputation.)

OK, but, really? I expected that the last offensive play by Seattle was going to result in a win for me, one way or the other. I had the Patriots to win and I had Marshawn Lynch to be named game MVP. If either of those things happens, the bets I recommended come out of the game with a plus on the balance sheet. Either the Patriots stop Lynch and we win the Patriots bet OR Lynch pounds the ball into the end zone and he is probably going to be named the MVP. So, in that regard, it actually was in my pocket.

But then THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL IN SUPERBOWL HISTORY (it absolutely deserves all caps and being bolded) is called by somebody on the Seahawks coaching staff.

(Pete Carroll, the Seahawks coach, is apparently a standup guy. I don't think he made that call. It was probably his offensive coordinator, but Carroll fell on his sword, taking complete responsibility for it, and... well, OK, as head coach it is, in the end, his responsibility, but he could have taken the heat off himself and threw someone else under the bus, He didn't. I respect that.)

Anyway, it was, without a shadow of a doubt, THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL IN SUPERBOWL HISTORY. You have, arguably, the best running back in football. On the play just run, he took the ball from the six yard line all the way down to the one yard line. You have a timeout remaining, so you can pound the ball into the line at least twice.If Lynch - who has picked up a yard or more on 9 out of 10 plays in this game already - cannot get into the end zone, especially behind the blocking of an offensive line that played a pretty damn good game, then you can still call your timeout and try at least one pass, or another run, or maybe even two passing plays. So, what do you do? Call a pass play, AT THE GOAL LINE,that could be tipped, bobbled, have any number of horrible and hideous things happen, instead of handing the ball off to a guy who is arguably the best runner in the NFL; definitely the best runner in this particular game?



It was THE DUMBEST PLAY CALL IN SUPERBOWL HISTORY. And, as a result, the Patriots win the Super Bowl and I can brag that we won 230 dollars.

This brings the total, for five Super Bowls, to +785 on an investment of 9100. That's a return of 8.63% for the total of about 20 hours time when your money would have been at work. Not bad. And, as a bonus, your heart rate would have been at about 160 for a few minutes each year. If you didn't have a heart attack, it would prove to you that you were in shape!

Anything else? Oh, I suppose one more thing...


Soon, with more bettor stuff.

P.S. Actually, there is one more thing. I've called Richard Sherman some less-than-kind names in the past. Last night, however, he was one of the Seahawks who showed some class (unlike Doug Baldwin - and if you don't already know why I'd say he didn't show class, just Google "Doug Baldwin" + "touchdown celebration".) Anyway, Sherman sought out Tom Brady, the game MVP, and shook his hand.

He said, in interviews, "If someone beats us, I'll shake his hand and congratulate him", or words to that effect. He was as good as his word. And if I'm going to excoriate him for some of his past behavior - which I have - then I need to give him props for good and righteous behavior. And so I do. God bless, Richard.


joeh said...

Just to be fair to Pete Carroll, if not for his call at the end of the first half which resulted in 7 points risking the clock running out, when most coaches (and the play by play second guesser experts) would have kicked for a sure 3 points, they would have been down by 8 at the end of the game and only a 50/50 chance of tying the game.


Craig said...

Well, yes, but that dumb call was set up by what might have been the Luckiest Catch in Super Bowl History, in which the ball, having duly been knocked away from the receiver, bounced around the bodies of both the receiver and the defender, before coming to rest in the receiver's hands, due to no specific actions on his part beyond grateful acceptance of the gift. As the announcers duly pointed out, the Pats had to be having visions of David Tyree's helmet. . .

That last minute was as crazy as any game I can ever remember. . .

Shammickite said...

I watched the whole game and I'm still not quite sure what was going on (being British an all) but I thought the chaps in the blue jerseys were going to get that last touchdown, it was so close. Loved that tiger, forget Miss Perry, I wanted to see more of how the chaps in black were moving the tiger feet.

Suldog said...

Joe - Yes, gutsy call there. I give him all the credit in the world for that one.

Craig - I was cursing up a storm when I saw that catch. I was shouting "How in the &*&%! do the Patriots end up on the receiving end of such %^$%! luck? Unbelievable! One team CANNOT lose TWO Super Bowls on such unlikely %^&*&^%! catches!!!", etc., and, as it turns out, they couldn't!

Suldog said...

Shammickite - Sometimes it is much easier on the ticker to be a bit oblivious.

joeh said...

Actually they did lose two on ridiculous catches, Tyre and then Manningham. Three was not to be.

messymimi said...

Congratulations on your great calls on the bets!

Suldog said...

Joe - I always remember Tyree because that was so damn horrific. It spoiled a perfect season (or, at least, set it up to be ruined, as they still had a chance to stop the Giants but didn't.) Manningham doesn't sting quite as much.

Mimi - Thank you!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Yep, dumbest play ever especially after such a huge gift on the saved reception.

My son doesn't like football and the only part of the game he watched was the free for all afterward. He said "Why are they fighting Dad?" I told him that they probably couldn't even answer that.

I loved Tom Brady's celebration. Talk about jumping for joy.

I'm not a Pat's fan but I have to hand it to them they did what it took to win.

I'm glad Carroll took the blame for the call. That's the winning play for him. Otherwise it would be a big controversy.

Best end to a Super Bowl game ever in my book.

The Broad said...

Thanks for all that, Sully! For one reason and another, I was not able to watch the game so I only got the end results, which made it all sound rather exciting at the end. Glad our team won, though (Whew!) and that you made some money! xo

Suldog said...

Yogi - It was the biggest swing from being depressed to being ecstatic in any sporting event I've ever seen. It was the Manic-Depressive Bowl.

Broad - Great game. Sorry you missed it!

Juli G said...

It is all my fault that it was the most "manic depressive" game. I don't watch football... ever. Even if it's on (which it ALWAYS is) I don't watch. But of course, you know... it's the superbowl... and the food... and the friends... so I watched the first half.

By the time I brought the kids home after the half time show (if you could call it that) I had lost all interest and went to bed. At which point I heard my son going crazy in the living room.

The best part? I had forgotten that while we were in Vegas last year (before season started), my husband had put money on the Pats to win.

Well played, honey. Well played. :)

And that my friend, is the only money we ever won in Vegas.

Suldog said...

Juli - Any time you cash a futures bet, it's cause for rejoicing. Congratulations!

Daryl said...

Ray records and plays back .. by the time he reached the half time show i was in bed asleep … i learned of the NE win via the morning news yawn

Suldog said...

Daryl - Knowing your tolerance for sports, that you even made it to the end of this is something I admire :-)

A Cuban In London said...

Although I don't follow American football I'd heard that The Patriots were a tough act to crack. Proved to be the case. :-)

Greetings from London.