Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mr. Happy Softball

Sorry about the other day. Every so often, government gets under my skin. In most instances, I exorcise myself by playing ball (it's about the only form of exorcising I can stand.) When I haven't played ball in a while, I have to release my pent up frustrations by writing about whatever's bothering me. And, more often than not, I use vile language in an attempt to release my demons as quickly as possible (the demons seem to like dirty words, so I spew them and the demons follow them out of my mouth and everybody's happy for a while.)

I had two softball games rained out last week. That's what led to my being so unreasonably sour. Now that I've played two, I'm much more relaxed. I'm once again a happy sort of dog; relaxed and basically uncaring that the feds might be listening into my phone conversations and reading my e-mail and...

I'd better get on with the softball before I fall back into my evil ways.

SOUTHSIDE TAVERN vs. The Warehouse - Rained Out
SOUTHSIDE TAVERN vs. Telegraph Hill - Rained Out

It's all an evil plot. The Feds are in league with mad scientists who made it rain in South Boston! They did it just to prod me into writing stuff they can use against me in a treason trial later on, the basta... sons of guns.

Moving right along...

BOMBERS - 22  Renegades - 4
BOMBERS - 14  Renegades - 6

We run our record to 16 and 2, clinching first place in our division, and we now will receive a first-round bye in the playoffs. We have two regular season games remaining. Those are next Sunday, against the Titans, and may be a preview of the championship series. The Titans are currently undefeated, at 18 and 0. If we can hand them their first defeat, it would go a long way toward proving that we can win this whole thing. It would also give them a bit of doubt for their heads to wrap around if we meet them in the finals.

I had an interesting day. I drew 5 walks, giving me 17 on the season and a tie with the all-time single-season club record. Unfortunately...

(Well, actually it's very fortunate. It means the team is kicking ass, which is the important thing.)

... Pat Atton had four walks of his own, giving him 19 on the season, breaking the record (formerly held by Mike Martin, 17, in 2004). At least one of us should easily get 20, maybe 25. That's called smart hitting; take what they give you.

(The team, as a whole, has plain SICK walk-to-strikeout numbers. 112 walks, 5 strikeouts. That's too ridiculous to even think about. We're the most patient team in the league and it's paying off.)

Pat also stands only 6 shy of the record for runs scored in a season (35, by Scott Sarro, way back in 1997.)

Mark Preziosi continues to annihilate opposing pitching. He went 7 for 9 in the doubleheader, two triples, a home run, and most of it done with a sore hammy. He's a beast.

(For those of you wondering, that's a good thing to call a player. It's not a good thing to call your wife or girlfriend, though.)

BOMBERS Statistics

We have outscored the opposition 227 to 75 so far this season. That's an average of about 14 to 5 each game. Next week we get to find out if all these amazing numbers we're putting up mean anything. It's time to take the field against the big boys.

Soon, with more better stuff (I hope).


Buck said...

Congrats on achieving first place. Well done!

And then there's this about that:

(the demons seem to like dirty words, so I spew them and the demons follow them out of my mouth and everybody's happy for a while.)

I like dirty words, too... although I HAVE cleaned up my act (a lil bit) since I became a civilian. But old habits die hard and I suffer from frequent relapses. ;-)

Jackie said...

Way to watch those pitches, team.
Patience. Patience. Patience.
(And speaking of that virtue, I hope that you guys hurry up and beat the Titans...twice.)
Did you use vile language in a previous post? I didn't notice. (...cough)

Hilary said...

I don't think you should ever have to apologize for how you express yourself. Tis your blog.. your words.. your choice. We're still with you.. even if it IS sports. ;)

joeh said...

You are the Eddie Yost of softball.

messymimi said...

Crossing fingers and toes and wishing you the best of luck next week. Knock it out of the park!

Daryl said...

i have been insanely busy at the office and then hibernating at night/weekends .. but i am here today ..

Michelle H. said...

Way to go, you mad beast!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'd hoped the weather would cooperate for the Bombers.
The weather this past week over much of the country has been tricky, at best.
Yet this morning, with a few exceptions, the national map is clear.

Yep, a walk's as good as a hit... sets the table really well the big bats.
Good luck next Sunday.

The vile language floats around in that space between my ears.
Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone's heard one of those "thoughts"
Once in a great while one becomes verbalized, usually when I am alone.
My theory, of course, is that if it's everyday language, it isn't nearly as effective.

Joseph Baszkiewicz said...

I'm gonna pass you and pat. I'm not moving the bat off my shoulders Sunday.

Joseph Baszkiewicz said...

I'm gonna pass you and pat. I'm not moving the bat off my shoulders Sunday.