Sunday, June 02, 2013


My goodness. Everything worked out exactly the way I wanted. This is scary.

Bruins - 3  Penguins - 0

The Bruins take a 1 - 0 lead in the best of seven. They played well, but it could have gone either way. The Penguins had two or three shots go off the post. Tonight (Monday) they play game two. It should be fun.

BOMBERS - 23  TNC - 5
BOMBERS - 23  TNC - 4

It was an easy Sunday for us (and for me as interim manager.) TNC is new to the league, so we had no idea what we might be facing. As it turned out, we cruised. They're a nice bunch of guys, probably better than the scores indicate, but there was no doubt who was the better team, at least today. They made a boatload of errors. I suspect they might field their positions more proficiently by the next time we meet later in the season. Fair enough with the bats, but they also ran into a couple of outs.

(It was interesting. As I say, they made some hideous errors, but they also had a couple of spectacular picks out there, robbing a couple of us of hits. I guess some of it will always even out. That's the way ball goes.)

On days like this, everybody fattens up. The overall team averages, percentages, and other stats are amazingly inflated after the first four games. As a team, we're about 100 points over what might be normal for batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. And, as hinted at above, these things tend to even out over the course of a season. I hope they even out slowly instead of us having one or two totally hideous outings.

Who gets the big props this week? Everybody. Seriously - NOBODY had a bad day. The best day was probably Tom Resor's, with 3 home runs and 8 RBI. Billy Botting outdid him in the RBI department, with 9 to his credit. He had a double and two triples while doing so. Pat Atton had 8 RBI. Joey Baszkiewicz has been an on-base machine so far; he leads the team with 11 (of 14) plate appearances having resulted in him reaching base. And Big Jay Atton ran his record to 3 - 0, starting and winning both ends of the doubleheader.

(Since this is my blog, I know some of you care about my day. I started both games at 1B, went 1 of 2 with 4 walks, 3 RBI, and 4 runs scored. I'll take it, thanks.)

Bombers stats available HERE.

So, we're 4 and 0, alone in first place in our division. How nice! Next week, we expect a bit of tougher opposition (the Reds, a good solid team) so we'll need to keep our heads from swelling and be ready for a test. On the bright side, we were missing a couple of guys this week who will strengthen us next week.

Soon, with more batter stuff.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Well done... to both the Bruins and the Bombers.

Buck said...

Bruins - 3 Penguins - 0

I watched. I laughed. A LOT. ;-)

One down, three to go.

Buck said...

Ooops. I'm exhibiting SUCH bad form. Good on both you and the rest o' the Bombers, too.

OldAFSarge said...

Suldog, I just realized this is my first summer following your blog. I am really pumped about following your softball season and reading about it here. Seriously, I love this kind of stuff.

I'm thinking that when my road warrior stint is done (soon I pray) then the Missus and I are going to have "ship up to Boston" and catch a game. Perhaps meet the man hisself.

Just sayin'...

Suldog said...

Nothing I'd love more, Sarge. Drop me an e-mail if you're planning anything and we'll make something happen.

Michelle H. said...

Great game for both your team and the Bruins! Hopefully the Pens will make it more exciting in the next few days.

sandyland said...

Excellent certainly better than heat

Jackie said...

Congratulations to the Bombers!
I pray that as things tend to even out over the season, that the Bombers stats are still on the top.
Kudos to Tom, Billy, Pat, Joey, Big Jay, and to you Jim.
I also hope that the TNC team keeps their head held high and enjoys the game and the friendships that evolve over this season.

Anonymous said...

You sound happy so I'm happy!!

The Broad said...

Congratulations, Sully! You are playing very well -- and if you've a swelled head, it's well-deserved!

messymimi said...

Excellent job! Keep your heads about you and you are off to a solid start indeed.

Daryl said...