Friday, April 08, 2011

Soon, With More Better Stuff?

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings."
- Lewis Carroll, Through The Looking Glass

Well, actually, no. The time has most certainly come, but not to talk of many things. The time has come, instead, to talk of fewer things. It is time for me to bid you a fond farewell.

[*waits a beat, for you to regain your breath*]

Yes, I'm serial. This blog is history (or, at least, will be after you've read this.) The race is run, the book is read, the play has reached the final curtain. This blog is an ex-parrot.

I've been coming here and writing nonsense for the better part of six years.

(Or, at least, they would have been the better part of six years had I not been filling them up with twaddle.)

(Actually, I like twaddle. Some of my best friends are twaddlers. I don't mean to unduly denigrate twaddle. The descriptive fits, however, so I've used it, much the same as I've used you.)

(No, I haven't really used you. At least, not consciously. I have, it's true, acquired a few fruitcakes along the way - and I'm mighty grateful for them, too - but they weren't acquired via subterfuge. It was overterfuge.)

(One thing you can be glad about is that you'll never again have to navigate through a sea of unnecessary parentheses only to find, by the end, that you'll need to consult a Neptunian dictionary in order to translate what you've just read.)

So, like a dog under the dinner table on liver night, the question begs: Why?

The truth of the matter...

(Isn't that a hell of a thing for me to say? As though I haven't told you the truth before. Saint Peter on a pogo stick! If there's one thing I've done here, it's tell you the truth. As a matter of fact, here's the one time I did!)

The truth of the matter is I'm tired of embarrassing my mother. When did I do that? Three sentences ago, if you clicked onto that link. And I'm sick of it. Also, MY WIFE.

(No, no, no. I'm not sick of MY WIFE. I'm also tired of embarrassing her. Although it was her idea for me to begin blogging in the first place, so she's hardly without blame in this affair, I'm going to stop writing stuff like THIS. And THAT.)

Mostly, I'm just plain tired of writing. If I was making some money from this thing, maybe it would be different. I'm not, though. I've gotten lots of fruitcake, and that's a good thing, but money? No. There's been a decided lack of that. And, really, money isn't what it's about in the end, either. What it is, is that I don't have anything useful left to say. I've pretty much gotten out of my system everything I felt an overwhelming need to say, so why stick around? It can only go downhill from here. I mean, just look at this pile of crap you're reading right now, if you want proof.

Before I go, I want to make sure you know I'm not leaving because of anything you said. It's quite the opposite. I love the stuff you guys say. That's why I've stayed with it for so long. Seeing your comments made my day. And, as a matter of fact, I'll probably be visiting you on a regular basis ("haunting you" might be a more apt way of putting it, when one considers how often I hijack other people's comments sections) so it's certainly not that I don't like you. I LOVE YOU! You've given me four years of joy!

(Of course, I've been blogging for 5 and 2/3 years, so...)


Enough. I'm done, at least for the present.

(Ah, what the hell. I'm done for the past, too. However, I regress.)

What will the future bring? Who knows? Something could stick in my craw and I'd be back here tomorrow to rant about it.

(Or later today, for that matter. I'm looking forward to seeing how we do without a government. Won't happen, of course. Governments always threaten to shut down, but then all sorts of hideous malcontents like me come out of the woodwork, saying, "Who gives a shit?", then they somehow find the funds to continue.)

Or I might decide to come back in May and bore you to tears with thirty or forty posts about mens fast-pitch softball. Perhaps, if the Celtics win the NBA Championship in June, I'll not be able to resist crowing about it. Whatever the case, if I return it will be because I truly want to say something new. It won't be because I feel a need to fill space via the expedient of posting a re-run, something of which I'm sure you've had more than enough during the previous five or six months.

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with some words of wisdom: De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum. That's what my grandfather kept shouting when they carted him off after he had performed an unrequested circumcision on the neighbor's poodle, so it's good enough for me, too.

(Lovely. If that doesn't convince you I've got nothing but fumes left in the tank, there's not much that will.)

As a going away present, here's something I wrote once when I was feeling underappreciated, and you can read it whenever you feel like you might be missing me. It should cure you.

(Here comes a lie...)

Soon, with more better stuff.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Well, crap!
I'm going to miss this. I sort of feel like I came too late to the party.

Anonymous said...

Do as ye must. See you in May..?? Right?


Bruce Coltin said...

I am not happy about this.

Along These Lines ... said...

You should have announced this last Friday, then we'd have known you were just kiddin'

lime said...

*gasp* say it isn't so! nope, sorry, you're not allowed to go. i give you permission for a hiatus but then get back here.

Hilary said...

Nooooo.. this is just WRONG. What will we do without our regular dose of Suldog? The withdrawal will be unbearable. It's a late April Fool's Day joke.. right? Please?

You're the first person who has announced they've quite blogging who has made me cry. No fair!

You are always a must-read blog (except when it's heavy on the sports) ;) and I'll miss your words terribly.

Oh wait.. it's just like baseball. You quit playing.. but then you return. OK, I feel much better now.

Craig said...

Sully, we hardly knew ye. . .

Well, I at least, having only been here for the last 2 or so of yer 6 years. . .

This isn't some monumental over-reaction to the Red Sox starting 0-6, is it? 'Cuz they'll get better; you know they will. . .

Ah, 'tis the season. I was part of an energetic little circle of bloggers maybe five years ago, and maybe 2 or 3 of us are still around, posting about a quarter of what we once did. The 'Blog Wave' seems to have crested, in a major way.

I wish you well, Suldog, and I'd be honored to see you from time to time in my comment-space. I'm glad to have gotten to know you (thank Lime for that), and I have enjoyed most everything I've read here. Even the re-posts ('cuz, see, I've only been here for maybe 2 years, so most of 'em I hadn't seen before anyway, and these days I don't have time to read your whole archive. . .)

Honestly, I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be around, either. I'm a story-teller by nature, and I don't know how many more stories I've got left to tell (but as soon as I say that, somebody will post something that will prod me to recall a story I haven't told before; so you never know. . .)

Do me a favor, tho, and leave the blog up; don't delete it. Please? So I can at least come back here and remember the Glory that was Suldog. . . ;)

Anonymous said...

Aye! It's not a happy day in blogland!

But I understand. Sometimes we need a break from this called blogging.

I've been known to do it once. And it was quite liberating.

But you notice something? I obviously came back!

And I'm hoping you will too. I'll just keep my eyes and my blogroll waiting. *grin*

You're a good man Sully [Brown].


Shammickite said...

The only thing I can honestly say about this post is that I feel sorry for the neighbour's poodle.
Other than that, I am without words.

Expat From Hell said...

I hope you know you are more than just a clever and gifted writer. You are an inspiration and an encouragement to many, including this guy. I understand the need to stay off the front lines for a while, but don't leave camp just yet. EFH

Michelle H. said...

Yeah, like Hilary said. It's like baseball... or Governor Arnold. "I'll be BACK!

(Besides, you can't resist... and I know the real reason why! MWAHAHAHAHA!)

CiCi said...

Actually I saw this coming. You wrote what you wanted to say and got it out of your system. Yes, and we enjoyed all of it. See ya around.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

Say it ain't so, Joe.

I've been spending less time in the blogosphere than usual over the last several months, but I've never missed a new piece over here in Suldogland. Still, I don't think I've completely read your archives, so I may have to do just that.

Loved the ex-parrot reference, by the way. By coincidence, there's a Monty Python reference in my piece today.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll see you around the interwebs. You're a good man, Jim. I'm pleased to have met you, in this techie sort of way.

Sigh. I suppose I'll have to do some weepy tribute at my place.

IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

OMGWTFBBQ! The Interwebs will never quite be the same.
Oh, the insanity...or is that inanity? Hmmmm, maybe they're the same thing.

Anyhow, if enough bloggers present you with awards, you will have to continue posting just so you can get even... huh?

BTW - I'm looking forward to seeing Knuckleheads tribute. Maybe then I could do a rebuttal, or whatever?

Karen said...

Have a good rest. You'll be bach! xoxo

Cricket said...

I would have to guess "later, with more better stuff... probably." Still, I will miss your posts for the time being. That said, enjoy the break. Even only a year into this, I get that.

And should the bug bite without your wanting to open any doors just yet, "Michelangelo" will always have a place to make a guest appearance.

I'm just sayin'.

Matt Conlon said...

Here's my two cents... I'm hoping that what's going on is that you've painted yourself into the corner of some sort of self-inflicted notion that you HAVE to post regularly, because that's what you've always done, and that's what you feel your readers (we) expect. In this case, you've been blogging for the wrong reason!

My hope is that once you've taken some time off and cast off the pressure of feeling like you have to post something, that you'll get the itch to post for fun again. :)

Moannie said...

I have decided that I am not going to believe you-and that is that. I cannot conceive of you not being here and I won't, so there [stamps her foot and screams for her mummy]

Have a break, Jim, a lovely break with your long suffering Lady, then come back, good as new.

Mike Z said...

I am not a blogger. Neither am I a writer. But, I am a reader and I have mightily enjoyed reading your entries. I don't feel like I know you (that would exagerate my experience) but I do think that I would really have enjoyed getting the chance to get to know you. You have written interesting, entertaining, thought provoking things - and for that I thank you. I would say it's been nice to get to know you, but I think it would be more accurate to say, it's been wonderful knowing that you are there. Peace to you and yours. May you hit everything in the strike zone out of the infield - and be careful running the bases. Thanks. Mike Z.

Craig said...

Hey. . . You're not retiring from softball, are ya?

'Cuz that would just be too much stuff leavin' yer life all at once, y'know? I mean, YOUR WIFE would start wonderin' if you were the same guy she married. . .

Chipper said...

Thanks for this blog, Jim! And good luck on whatever it is you do next!

connie/mom said...

Although you have embarassed me now and then, please don't give up completely. How will I keep in touch with what's going on in your life?

Luv Ya, Kid.


Christina RN LMT said...


I guess as a friend, I should be all supportive and tell you to do what you need to do, etc., etc...but I'd rather be selfish and tell you that I don't WANT you to stop writing, dangit!


Jim, go and do what you need to do. We'll be here if and when you come back.

messymimi said...

Pop in to tell us how you are once in a while, okay?

Enjoy whatever adventures come next.

Crazed Nitwit said...

I'll miss you. I hope you'll still come by and visit once in awhile.

I really will miss you.

Buck said...

A sad, SAD day. Still, we do what we must and all I can say is: you'll be missed, and missed in the worst way. Your voice is unique, Jim... no one has near the uniquely different take on "stuff" as you. I'm gonna put ya in my RSS feed so I'm SURE not to miss ya if ya decide to come back. Which I hope you do.

Anonymous said...

Suldog, I hardly got to know ye.
You will be missed by many.

I don't do usually do RSS feeds cause I'm supposed to be busy working all day. However, as Buck says, you are quite unique...and worth keeping track of in case you feel the need to come back for a quick rant.

I was hoping when you told me that you, too, were thinking of Lewis Carroll this week...that you meant more, better stuff...not the last stuff. *Sigh*

mibsphil said...

I will miss you! I've been reading you for a long time, but only occasionally post a comment. Still, I count myself among your loyal fans. Good luck with whatever! --Miriam

Eddie Bluelights said...

To coun a well known phrase, "You cannot be serious, man!!" A few friends have tripped out of the BlogLand arena of late . . . not you as well!!
Where am I to find a comparable bloggy adversay and pal like you. I even forgive you about the ducks LOL.
Is this a dream? A nightmare? Shucks . . . all the ladies are weeping and some of the guys have a tear or two in their eyes.
I understand why you want to quit but . . . . WE WON'T LET YOU!! So there!!
Bloody 'ell, I feel sorry for that Poodle LOL.
I tried to quit blogging once and returned the following day LOL.
I still feel like quitting . . . but I just cannot do it!!
Anyway, Jim, we shall all miss you.
But I am pleased you are going to visit us.
Hope life is very good to you ~ Eddie

Sarah said...

Hhmmmm....this is the first time I've come here and left unhappy. This seems grossly unjust.

Jeni said...

What the Hell happened? I just wrote a really nice farewell comment to you and hit the publish button only to be told "Sorry, we are unable to fulfill your request!" The nerve, the very nerve of Blogger to do that to me and to deprive you of all the wonderful thoughts I had of how much I'm gonna miss you not being around here. Hopefully, you'll find something shortly though to rant about and will be back doing that at least every now and again! In the meantime, I am sure as Hell gonna miss you, my friend!

Kathleen said...

Nooooo....come back, Suldog. I didn't even realize I'd made your sidebar!!! Your humor and humanity give this old blogworld such spice. I'll even send you $10 if you come back!

The Broad said...

Say it ain't so, Sully, say it ain't so... I've just got used to you being around -- I'm a fan, man, a fan -- one of many, I know -- but ... but ... but ... sooooooo sad ...

Bruce Coltin said...

First you. Now Manny. Other than baseball and drugs, what the hell is the connection?

Thumbelina said...

You as well huh?
Well blogging is to be enjoyed, not endured. Your reasons are pretty much why I hung up MY keyboard. Nothing left to say but it didn't take me 6 years to get it off my chest!
And as you can see, I'm still haunting folks.

Good getting to know you Sul. And YOUR WIFE. And your mom/Connie... etc. Take it easy and enjoy the softball. :)

Anonymous said...

What? I got a little behind on my blog reading and this is what I find when I'm trying to catch up? This makes me sad - I've only just started reading! And what about Thanksgiving? Sigh.
Well, at least there's about 5 years worth of Suldog I haven't read yet. Don't completely shut the door, okay?

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

You'll be missed, Sully.

Maggie May said...

All the best ones seem to go and you will definitely leave a big gap.
Hope you change your mind.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks. Your inane posts made me laugh a lot over the years. It was great.

Hope you'll change your mind though, eventually.

- Jazz

Angela Christensen said...

I could bitch, and whine and cry, which I surely feel like doing.

I could do the right thing and wish you well in your next adventure, whatever it may be, and I think we ALL know you well enough to know there'll be more of those.

I should do the right thing, and tell you honestly that when I was beginning to write a blog, you were one of the early voices of encouragement among people I'd never met. Without that encouragement I might never have stuck with it.

I find I have to do this, though: I really do believe you ARE A Writer. And real writers have things to say. Whether you say them here, or through another medium, whether you're ready after a short break or it takes you a long time to want to write again...please let me know. You're a writer whose work I always want to read.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Love, love,
Angie at Eat Here

Ruth and Glen said...

Oh no, say it isn't so! No Suldog?? How will we ever deal with the withdrawal? We thoroughly enjoyed our doses of the adventures of Suldog over the years. We looked forward to it. We've come to expect it. You've provided years of entertainment for us on the road Jim. We hope you change your mind, stick around, and don't make us go cold turkey!!

Ruth & Glen

Lori said...

A blog friend of mine and yours, sent me a note today to tell me that you were doing this because she knows I am still not online much these days and she knew how much your recent posts to make me smile/laugh meant to me...(she guessed it was me) When I read this, I had instant have really touched me with your words...and the recent posts you did for me, just to make me laugh was the best kind of medicine...and for that I will always be grateful. I showed my husband what you had done and he was stunned...and amazed at the kindness shown me in blogland...blogland that he has teased me about over the last couple of years(because he can barely turn a computer on let alone navigate on one :) but has come to highly respect. He asked me, "Isn't this the guy that does this Not before Thanksgiving thing?

I think what I have loved the most about you and your place here is your realness...your genuiness is evident in your writing...and your ability to make me smile and think.

Honestly, I hope that this is just a break and that when you have something to say you will come back here and write...and of course share it with us in blogland. Even though I have been absent much, I am not giving up the hope of coming back to writing and reading again in the near future.

I wish the very best for you and yours and what life has to offer. Thank you for caring and showing me kindness...and for making me laugh and for the times you've made me think outside the box.

Bless you Jim. XX

Clare Dunn said...

Bye, Sully.

xoxoxo, cd

notactuallygod said...

If Sully needs a break, to quote Commodus (from Gladiator) "Well, no one's earned it more. Don't get too comfortable. I may call on you before long."

But methinks a wit like his will always be ready. I wxpect it will spill out on these web pages before long.

Chris Rodell said...

Keith Richards threatened Bill Wyman about quitting the Stones. You can't quit, he said. You can only die.

I hope something aggravates you enough to bring you back to pounding the keyboard. You don't have to write a lot. You don't have to write often.

But you do have to write, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Take care Jim. You are a kind, kind man. Thank you for all your nice comments.

Sandra said...

Yeah, right. I'm buyin' that and do you have a bridge to sell me too?

Do you really think you can resist the interaction with your readers? I doubt it. I have found blogging addictive, but in a good way.

I hope I'm right, because you have added much fun and cleverness to my life. (my favorite post was the one about the three letters you wrote to a potential employer -- I laughed 'til I cried.)

Having said all that, if I were a wagering woman I'd give you two weeks, before you come up with more better stuff that you just have to share with your friends who are patiently waiting. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

This makes me sad but only in that sense of loss for something I never really had in the first place kind of way. I will definitely miss reading your posts so I hope you do come back eventually but I can completely and fully understand how its tough to keep something going for so long. You were blogging way before blogging was considered "cool' (and long after that judging by all the comments on Facebook these days). Anyway, I'll miss your humor, whatever that means ;-)

Ananda girl said...

I did gasp... loud enough for Randy to ask me what was wrong.
I will miss you terribly! Though I have been absent lately myself and only spotty at posting.
I do understand. The reason for my own lack of posting lately was that my blog was located by my stb mother in law...and that took a great deal of fire and freedom out of my blog. I began to worry about what I said and how I said it. I've even considered closing my blog and opening a bran new one.
I don't know though. We will see.
I want you to know that you have been an absolute delight to me and an inspiration on a number of occasions.
You better haunt! I'll miss you.
You can bet I will keep an eye on the chance that you will return.
Thank you, Jim... for much and many things.

Chuck said...

NOO! I do understand though, as I have trouble blogging on a regular basis myself. I didn't comment here enough but you were one of my writing inspirations and I will miss checking out your new material. Thanks for all the laughs over the years.

Ericka said...

wait. what? honest to god, i wander off for a little while and the whole f*cking internet falls apart.

i hope you aren't serious. and if you are... well, i hope you'll haunt me. and let me know if you visit chicago again - i'm back in the area. (and i made a list of the stuff you did on your vacation. thanks for that, btw.)

Unknown said...

Well, that kinda sucks. In case you change your mind, Jim, I'll keep this feed in my RSS reader. Feel free to post something useless once in a while to let us all keep track of how you are. :) Cheers. -TimK

i beati said...

I plan to harass you on facebook at my earliest date as I start year 6 sk

Daryl said...

What if I promise to read all the sports posts and comment enthusiastically? I cant believe I didnt see this before now ... AAARGH!!

eileen said...

I'll miss the blog but wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, even if you opt not to share them with the entire internet. Hugs!

Three Hundred Sixty Five said...

Oh, crap. I had a lot of thoughts in mind, but my first thought is sufficient. I wish you well! Love, 365

Saz said...

oh my gosh....l've missed this...and l feel responsible..if I';d spoken out sooner I couldve have stopped this from happening..

ah the guilt the guilt..

you are just on hiatus....

and thats the truth of it...

enjoy the break Jim....looking forward to the softball season...and your reportage

back goes my head into the sand...

luv you jimbo!! !

Saz xxx

Carolina said...

Oh...sweet Suldog. I'll miss you. But at least you're not dead and it's baseball (or is it softball? I'm sure it's not soccer. Is it?) season, so there is an upside to this. Wishing you a wonderful blogless life, but I'm hoping you will be back soon with more, even better stuff.

Big hug for you (and your wife)

Uncle Jim said...

Well heck. This is the worse news I ever got next to the time I looked down and saw my pecker caught in my fly. OH THE PAIN!

George said...

I shall certainly miss you, Jim, but i know how you feel. Hopefully, this won't be the last we hear from you.

Jayne said...

Oh, Suldog. And we've only just met... Well you jump off the grid and take a well earned vacation. I for one, entirely understand. I'm poopin' out and it's not even been a year of blogging. Enjoy the sabbatical (yes, I'll call it that - I have a feeling you'll be back). Take care! ;)

Matt Conlon said...

well shit. I dare say, he wasn't kidding.

Some Blogging Guy said...

Hope you change your mind. Take a break. Go for a walk. But keep writing, we need ya!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry!!! You were one of the first blogs I followed in my short blog career . I have always liked the your style for being just who you are ...nothing more ...or less.Take a break...then decide.

Balcony Gal said...

Yuck. But I get it!

Menaka Indrani said...

Sorry about the neighbors poodle.

Otherwise amazing post.

Menaka Indrani

Mariann Simms said...

Oh, I just read this. This is a sad, sad thing. I thought you were one of the best writers out there.

You will be missed. :(

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, so I was going to refuse to comment on your abandonment of your duties but then changed my mind and came back to say...should I stop embarrassing my family? Why should I, they constantly embarrass me and turn about is fair play. I expect to see you back in here huffing and puffing...blowing houses down and threatening all and sundry with your wittisisms...omg I can't spell for crap

Have a blast on your hiatus, hope to see you again soon

Apryl said...

This is poppycock ( I just wanted to use a word that ended in cock...)

You must come back. You are a breathe of fresh air after someone has just passed gas.

You got Blog of Note, you cannot just leave. Pssh.

Thimbelle said...

What can I say?

I won't miss you, because I hope our friendship endures beyond the pixels and the bits and bytes of Teh Interwebs.

But I do hope that you keep writing - even if it isn't for anyone but yourself.

You aren't obligated to do this; none of us are. But I'm so glad that you did, and that you let me come along for the ride these last few years.

With much love from everyone at our house...

thefunnytruth said...

I'm gonna miss the the stories of your youth I havent been around long but I get some good advice from your blog thanks for the help you didn't even know you gave and long live suldog

Shrinky said...

Oh crap. What if we had a whip-round?? Darn it Jim, now I feel like quitting too!! Nahhh, you can't leave, it's not allowed.. is it?

You have to come back (pulling up a chair). S'okay, I can wait.

(Pass the fruitcake..?)

Merisi said...

*crash* (I fainted hard)

Say it ain't so, Mr. Suldog!
You are kidding, aren't you?

Julie said...

you'll be missed .. sniffle, sniffle ... sniffle ...

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

We have a bloody earthquake and I get behind in my blog reading.. And now I finally discover you have quit and Michele has given birth.... I can't stand these surprises. Or maybe just the fact they happened and i missed them!
Living with thousands of aftershocks is quite enough adrenaline and now, losing Jim is not fair!!!
Pleased about Overlord Jaq though :)
Hope you will still visit and return occasionally for our amusement and to know you are ok.

Lisa Johnson said...

Wow. I was not expecting this from you. Others maybe. Like Oprah. But not you. It's the end of an era. But it was a good one while it lasted! : )

Melinda said...

Sully, I've been quietly following you despite ending the relationship with my own blog. I'll be sorry to see you go.
You were my first "blogger friend" and I'm glad I can go back and reread your amazing posts. (Christmas wouldn't be the same without "Pointy".)

take care, God bless, and live long & prosper

(Of course I don't think this is a true goodbye since I'm sure one day we'll see you back here)

(but then again if it IS goodbye, I'm glad you have lots of love heading your way. It's well deserved)

Jane said...

Sometimes it just comes down to not having anything else to say. I respect that.

I'll miss ya, darlin'!

Suomi said...

Thanks for that terrific weblog article! I undoubtedly enjoyed reading it, that you are a perfect author. I basically added your website to my favorites and will appear back while in the future to your web log. Maintain up the excellent career, I hope you will have a superb day!

Absolut Ruiness said...

I started reading you from this post onwards when Simple Dude linked you. And i feel so grateful to him for this. Its been a pleasure reading you and about YOUR WIFE. I'm glad that you didn't stop here!